Yellen Thanked Zelensky for Handling Spent Funds in a “Most Responsible Way”


Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen visited Kyiv on Monday to fork over another $1.2 billion in a $10 billion package. She actually thanked President Zelensky for handling the US funds responsibly WITHOUT ANY EVIDENCE of how the bulk of the money is spent. Ukraine is a corrupt nation.

From her comments in Ukraine:

We welcome President Zelenskyy’s ardent commitment to handling these funds in the “most responsible way.” Our delivery partners at the World Bank have instituted robust safeguards for transparency and accountability. And the U.S. government has deployed independent, third-party monitors to bolster oversight. Even before the war, President Zelenskyy pursued an agenda to strengthen good governance. We share his recognition that these standards are just as important in wartime as in peacetime. These standards enable vital assistance to reach people in need. They bolster Ukraine’s European Union ambitions. Transparency and accountability will become even more important as Ukraine rebuilds its infrastructure and recovers from the impacts of the war.

That’s hogwash. If they had it, they’d give it to the House of Representatives.

As you remember, when Sen. Rand Paul tried to require auditing of the funds we sent over to Ukraine, he was roundly vilified, and his request was denied. Ukraine is very corrupt. No one should count on Zelensky to handle money responsibly.

The bureaucrats just gave themselves a 20% raise. Why not? They’re flush with US cash.

The Republican House is trying to get records of monies spent and any auditing that might have been done, but they won’t get it.

Do you know who isn’t flush with cash? The victims of the East Palestine train derailment aren’t.


The Pentagon spent $62.3 billion in 2022 on Ukraine for weapons, ammunition, training, logistics, supplies, salaries, and stipends, according to the Joint Strategic Oversight Plan for Ukraine Response report. Inspectors general for several agencies released the report in January.

The State Department and U.S. Agency for International Development spent $46 billion for activities ranging from border security to basic government services such as utilities, hospitals, schools, and firefighting. Other government agencies, including the Department of Agriculture, spent another $5 billion.

The report noted the difficulty U.S. agencies had accounting for the weapons.

The Pentagon, for example, was “unable to provide end-use monitoring in accordance with DoD policy” in Ukraine, according to a report by the Pentagon’s inspector general. “End-use monitoring” includes tracking serial numbers of weapons and ammunition to ensure they’re used as intended.

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