Where Bidenflation Comes From – Biden’s Economic Plan


Maria Bartiromo spoke with Sen. Cramer about inflation and the problems with leases and regulations that, according to the Senator, the Biden regime continually lies about.

Biden SPOX KJP fed inflation pablum to a reporter asking when salaries would outpace inflation. She claimed the Inflation Reduction Act would take care of it, and Republicans want to repeal it.

One of the biggest problems with the so-called inflation reduction act is that it’s just good for spending money on useless ventures and giving the EPA extensive authority to kill fossil fuels.

Joe Manchin continues to lie about the inflation reduction act to get re-elected. Lying works and they get voted back into office again and again.

While Bidenflation is the problem, the Biden regime just keeps lying. They blame Republicans, who have no control over it.

Ms. Bartiromo noted that the troubling ‘all of government’ climate change approach is causing inflation. For example, Joe Biden has made it impossible to drill for oil on federal lands and off-shore.

The government has put up so many roadblocks that companies can’t get the few leases the government is obligated to give.

Sen. Cramer also spoke to the bill prohibiting banks from categorically discriminating against legal commerce, such as oil companies and gun manufacturers.

Energy is driving inflation. Everything we eat, do, and need is tied to energy.

In December, Chevron Chairman and CEO Mike Wirth discussed President Biden’s false claim about unused oil permits in an exclusive interview on “Mornings with Maria.” .

“The conversation about energy has become very polarized, and it’s very difficult to find balance in the center. And I think we need a pragmatic conversation that recognizes there are three things that really matter when you talk about energy.”

Those three key factors are affordability, reliability, and cleanliness, according to the Chevron CEO. He further explained that bringing more U.S. oil supply to market directly impacts America’s economy and national security.

“Energy needs to be affordable because it supports economic prosperity. Second, it needs to be reliable because energy security and national security are linked. And then third, it needs to be ever cleaner,” Wirth said. “We need to respect the fact that people want to see the environment taken care of. And so we need to balance our approach to energy, certainly as a company and I think as a country.”

Bidenflation policies leave no room for energy that can actually sustain the population.

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