US to Give Ukraine $10,000,000,000 as Their Bureaucrats Get 20% Raises


As we sink in debt and the petrodollar declines, Joe Biden will give another $10 billion in economic assistance to Ukraine, Janet Yellen says. This is the administration that twice turned down FEMA aid to East Palestine.

The West is churning up the war talk, promising to stick with Ukraine, a non-NATO nation, until the end. Judging from Russia’s latest action of canceling the last nuclear treaty, the end of the future could be a nuclear war.


It doesn’t end with Ukraine. The ten billion dollars will help pay for raises for Ukraine pensioners and welfare in Ukraine. The US could possibly end up going to war with China over Taiwan. As this is happening, Biden has left our borders open and unvetted people from all over the world are released into the interior. We don’t know if they are Chinese, Russian, or Iranian spies. We can’t have a border wall, but we can pay Ukrainian bureaucrats’ pensions and raises. Ukraine’s Prime Minister announced a 20% raise for all categories next month.


The Biden regime plans to quadruple US troops in Taiwan, another non-NATO nation. They’re talking about 200 tops. However, it could be an excellent excuse for the Maoists to move to conquer Taiwan.

According to U.S. officials, the U.S. plans to deploy between 100 and 200 troops to the island in the coming months, up from roughly 30 there a year ago. It’s to expand a training program the Pentagon has in place.

This is how we became involved in the Ukraine war.

Taipei skyline at dusk

The troops include special operations forces and US Marines. It’s the largest deployment in decades.

The West has pushed Russia and China much closer together. Advisors want the US to make it hurt for China to invade Taiwan. How do we do that? The sanctions against Russia only hurt the West.

Steve Yates, a Senior Fellow at the America First Policy Institute and former deputy national security advisor to VP Cheney, joined Clay and Buck to discuss the escalating situation in Taiwan. He wants more aggression and faster.


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