Yes, please! New suggestions that Hillary might run!


Hillary Clinton is polling as the number one presidential candidate of Democrats, according to the Harvard-Harris presidential poll. Also, a new docuseries whitewashing her past is premiering at Sundance.

She isn’t even running for President, or is she?

Clinton drew 21%, followed by former Vice President Joseph R. Biden with 20%, when registered Democrats were asked whom they would support for the 2020 party presidential nod if she and former Secretary of State John Kerry were added to the mix.

Placing third in the hypothetical race was Vermont Sen. Bernard Sanders at 12%, followed by Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren at 9% and ex-New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg at 7%.

A new 4-part docuseries will follow her along on her life’s journey and her loss in 2016.

The film, titled “Hillary,” examines previously unpublished footage of Clinton during the 2016 election as well as exclusive interviews with Clinton, former President Bill Clinton, and staff, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

It is reported that she trashes the President and the 2016 election in the film.

“It’s a more nuanced and much more personal [project], getting to know somebody as a person as much as their political life,” Sundance director John Cooper told THR of the film.

“I was a Hillary supporter, but I don’t know if I ever loved her as much as I did watching this film. Her strength and intelligence,” he continued. “Seeing the struggle of her trying to [run for president] in a changing world. All the rules were changing. Things were happening that would kick a candidate [like Trump] out were making him stronger. It’s just fascinating to watch.”

Democrats will never let 2016 go.



  1. I don’t even know any Democrats who want Hillary to shoehorn her way into the election! She’s acted like a lunatic since she lost last time.

  2. Yes, we get it: Hilary is and always has been a strong (power-hungry assassin), intelligent (conniving) woman (Eve, Anne Bolyn, Judith, Herodias, etc.).

  3. She won’t “run”. She will be the last minute savior when the DNC needs to replace whoever the candidate is. At the last moment the candidate will develop health issues and the DNC can then name a replacement. Hillary can’t afford to risk a traditional run, her health won’t allow for it.

    • Hillary can’t run. The best she can manage is a lurching stagger, followed by a face plant into the ground. Then she’s thrown into the back of an SUV.

  4. “previously unpublished footage of Clinton during the 2016 election…” Does that mean we will see additional footage of her being scooped up by her handlers and thrown into the back of an SUV like a bag of garbage?

  5. Number one – She will be the Democrat candidate in 2020

    # 2. She WON’T “jump in”.

    Here’s how it will work: At the convention, none of the current Democrat candidates will be nominated on the first ballot, so the convention will be brokered (which means delegates are no longer committed to the election results of their respective states).

    The second ballot will be posed to placate whoever feels like they got gypped again in the first ballot (*ahem Bernie*), but no one will actually win.

    For the third ballot HRC will be drafted and will win the nomination. She’ll offer the VP spot to Buttejugg because he’s white, young, good looking, a homo, and will gladly take whatever the DNC gives him.

    This plan keeps HRC out of the debates and avoid the grind of primary campaigning. In the General, she can make one or two rallies a month and the media will do the rest of the campaigning while she convalesces and drinks liquor. Democrats will be spotted California, New York, and Colorado, so they’ll just need to focus their efforts on Florida, Michigan, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.

    • I’d rather see Hillary die of a stroke on national TV during the debates. That, or else US Marshalls taking her away during the debate in handcuffs, before answering a single question. Either one would make me happy.

    • Actually she is circling like someone dropped the kids off at the pool! Please flush that toilet one more time, she keeps floating back up.

  6. Hillary Clinton is less liked now than her last attempt to usurp power as President. She will fall apart if she is nominated again

    • I think Hillary’s original plan was to force Trump to resign while Pence dies from food poisoning, making Pelosi POTUS, who would be forced to appoint Hillary as VP. Then President Pelosi would either resign or be forced to suicide a la Epstein, and Hillary succeeds to become the 47th president.

      But her plan was shot all to heII when Trump refused to leave. Hillary must be foaming at the mouth by now. Besides being evil, her anger knows no bounds; how does she find anyone to work around her?

  7. I can’t wait for the commercials showing video from that debate where she tried to accuse Trump of not accepting a loss if he lost the election. Then she does EXACTLY THAT. What a nasty woman !!!

    • Hillary lust for power is beyond lust, certainly beyond all understanding. Rest assured, she has a plan in place that she thinks will give her the presidency.

  8. The old power hungry, corrupt, pathologically lying hag just won’t quit….no matter how clear it becomes that she is absolutely despised by left and right alike, she continues to believe it is ‘her turn’, and that she is entitled to the throne. Entitlement has defined her and her husband and their spawn, their entire lives.

    • My fear isn’t that Hillary will be president, but Chelsea. She will still have the Clinton Machine to help her, built on top of both the political and physical corpses of her enemies.

    • It’s more than that, I think. I think she is looking at prison if she can’t derail Trump’s presidency. I can’t imagine why else someone would try so hard to steal the presidency. Wish I knew what Seth Rich knew! But then, if I did, I would be dead, too . . .

  9. President Trump can not have a better opponent! Hillary is going to have to explain her corruption and her failure in Benghazi. She also is likely to have health episodes. She will trip, fall and will have to be carried up stairs. The odds are good she will die on the campaign trail due to fatigue. Her major health problems will be the main subject of her campaign.
    Trump a shoo-in against crooked Hillary!

    • As fun as it is to watch her face plant into the ground and get thrown into the back of an SUV, I’d rather dance on her grave to the tune of “Ding Dong, the Witch is Dead.”

  10. Most popular picture seen on Hillary for President is the picture of a Blue Tick Coon Hound urinating on her campaign sign! That is exactly how America feels about her.

  11. Hillary Clinton? The career politician whose arrogance, ineptitude, mendacity and borderline psychopathy have strewn the path of her career with countless rape victims, mysterious deaths and the wrecked lives of those she perceived as obstacles to her ambition? The Clinton who doesn’t understand she lost because she’s a loathsome, clueless and disgusting egotist who represents all that is evil, ignorant and debased in American politics?

    That Hillary Clinton?

    • Agree. The continuous assaults on Trump has her stench all over it. I smile when I think how frustrated she must be that nothing she tried has removed him from office. Maybe her anger will give her a stroke that will take from her the burden of living.

  12. Anyone who can commit serial MASS MURDER (The Arkancides) and get away with it is a supreme danger to the Republic. Beware both her and her “tenant in common” husband

  13. Hillary might RUN. Countdown for her to JUMP in the race.
    Roflmao…she can barely walk, although she is very good at being tossed into a van.

  14. She is going to run as VP on Biden’s ticket making the Demo ticket as strong as they can. Shortly after taking office, Biden will develop “health issues” and step down.

  15. Hillary will absolutely become a candidate, and by doing so will end any investigations. They know that if the investigations continue, they will be able to use that against the President and, ironically enough, make it appear that HE is the one using the government to attack his political opponents. Mark my words…

  16. Why would that old bat even want to run she has so much baggage and none of it good.Why can’t Ma Clinton just go away I am sick of that old B—ch.

  17. Oh Please Hillary RUN!! Run run run! I want to see all those weeping , sobbing, and melting liberal ladies, from that November evening in 2016, saddle up and ride to the nearest salon (giggling maniacally all the way) to get in line and have the stylist cut a Hillary coiffure on their Clairol blonde beanos!! I want to hear you stutter, stammer, lisp, hack, cough, trip tumble and make a fool of yourself all over again. Yes run Hillary…RUN.

  18. There are still, shrill, ardent Hillary supporters out there. Many of them are older dim super-delegates. The plus side is she gets to screw over Bernie one more time. Dims are going to lose no matter who they run and Hillary has more entertainment value than the remaining clown car occupants.

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