Yikes! Amazon has inclusion rules for humor and satire


According to The Daily Wire, “Amazon Studios’ Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion team released an “inclusion playbook” that sets standards for the number of minority and underrepresented employees and characters required to create a movie or series.”

That’s only the beginning.

“Inclusion standards for comedy and satire were established in the playbook as well. Comedians were told that they can only make fun of groups of which they are a part.”

Humor and satire aren’t going to be funny if they follow rigid rules.

They have a guide, an inclusion playbook.

“Begin by thinking about whether, as the storyteller, your humor comes from outside or inside the group at the center of the comedy,” the playbook reads. “Out-group members using humor to mock or joke about characters from underrepresented groups can be highly problematic. Humor may reflect insensitivity, play to broad stereotypes, and reinforce historical tropes for members of underrepresented groups,” the playbook says.

“The playbook states further that ‘chivalry’ and ‘rescue storylines’ can be ‘problematic.’


I guess I won’t be watching too many of their movies. More propaganda and no humor! There never were rules. The listeners get to decide if they like it. This is terrifying.

The Left ruins everything they touch.

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