You Can’t Have a GOP Leader Who “Seems to Ooze Hatred”


Did Joe Biden or Mitch McConnell express any sympathy for Liken Riley, the nursing student recently murdered by a “paroled” illegal migrant? Has either called for closing the border?

JD Vance said that Joe Biden has even departed dramatically from Barack Obama’s “paroles” of illegal migrants. Obama paroled about 5,000 a year, and Joe is paroling about a million each year, including the monster who killed Liken Riley.

Vance said that we have all these people who are supposed to protect the American people, but they’re obsessed with Eastern Europe and Ukraine.

We have “terrible problems” in this country because of the border, fentanyl, sex trafficking, and people waiting in line for hours for emergency care because so many people here illegally are seeking care.

He also wonders why the leader of the Senate isn’t focused on America’s problems. As Vance said, “You can’t have a Republican leader who seems to ooze hatred.”


video via The Gateway Pundit

And what about the victim of Biden’s parole? Mayorkas took no responsibility.

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