You don’t need ID to vote, but you will need vaccine ID to go anywhere


The party that doesn’t think you need a stinking ID card to vote also thinks you need ID to go anywhere and do anything.

The CDC will keep a database but did not immediately respond to CNN’s inquiry about whether such a database would include a record of everyone immunized.

Airlines are talking about requiring people to have a vaccine card to get on the plane. Qantas has already decided they will make it mandatory.

How long before this will be required for any activity where people are gathered? The answer is ‘yes.’ It is being discussed for most gatherings like Disney World, concerts, sports, and so on.

If the government can make you lie down like dogs with a vaccine for COV, what can’t they do? Can they do this for the flu? And when they know everything we do with tracing, will we look more like China?

This Democrat wants to censor anyone who criticizes the vaccine:

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