You Might Want to Cancel Your HBO Subscription, They’re Anti-White


This is HBO’s new disgusting trailer to their disgusting Santa Inc. which is perverted propaganda, starring Seth Rogan and Sarah Silverman. It is more of the now-common anti-white racism flooding the media, the government, schools, and so on. There is nothing funny about it but apparently, some think it’s a comedy.

The people behind it are lowlifes.

Watch the trailer:

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Always Uncivil Always
Always Uncivil Always
7 months ago

Rogan and Silverman? A cure for insomnia has been found, better blaze up a big as your elbow party spliff before watching or it won’t be funny at all.
Home Bolshevik Orifice has no review/rating system like BarackFlix, but better give the comrades a thumbs up Kulak, or the elite garage pull unit will be stopping by.

John Vieira
John Vieira
7 months ago