Your Eyes Must be Lying:  No Summer Riots, No Border Crisis, & Biden’s Just Fine!


The propagandists in our current 1984-style Ministry of Truth must think we’re all really stupid. They seem to ignore that, unlike in Orwell’s classic novel, where info unfavorable to Big Brother could be dropped down memory holes and incinerated, we have eyewitness videos of events that we’re being told really didn’t happen.

The bottom line is when a biased media parrots even the most outrageously dishonest, and easily debunked Democrat talking points, they’re telling you not to believe what you’re seeing.

Here are three clear examples.

There were no riots last summer.  This video is about 9 minutes long.  Early on it includes a heartbreaking statement made by the widow of law enforcement Officer David Dorn.  His killing, while protecting a St. Louis store, was live-streamed.

There is no crisis at the Southern Border. There’s “nothing to see here” because Joe Biden’s administration is blocking real truth seekers from taking damning pictures.  Hunter’s Father may not know much, but he likely does know or has been told, those horrifying images will put the lie to his “no crisis” whopper.

Biden’s just fine!  Joe’s first press conference had softball questions, prewritten answers to queries he knew were coming, and cheat sheets.  One of those sheets had circled photos of “reporters”, their names, and an order in which they might be called.  The Media Ministry declared it quite a success.  They’d be the same ones completely uncurious about how Joe could have been, three times blown off his feet, by some mysterious wicked wind.

The moral of the story is to believe your eyes and pray this ruthless, power-thirsty crew of censors don’t find memory holes for the visual images exposing their dangerous propaganda.

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