You’ve Asked Who Runs the Country, RFK Jr. Has an Answer


With all the debate about Joe Biden’s lack of ability, Americans wonder who runs the country. Many are involved, and they will all spout their laudable goals, but the most powerful and dangerous might be the military complex and their allies in the media. We aren’t very far from a military coup, if he’s correct.

The Pentagon ran the COVID-19 response

JD Rucker reported the Kim Iverson interview with RFK Jr. He included a clip that Vigilant Fox had posted. In the first clip, RFK Jr. says that the COVID-19 vaccines were a project of the military complex and Big Pharma. Pfizer and Moderna put their names on the vaccines, but the Pentagon runs all of it.

We have two links you can check out. One is for the Washington Post, and the other is for the New York Post. In the first article, the Washington Post goes into some detail about DARPA. As propaganda media, they praise the US government and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency for their foresight. But if you climb through the weeds, you will see they helped develop the entire response to COVID-19, including vaccines. The New York Post article addresses about 3.5 million dollars the Army gave Pfizer for 500 million doses of the COVID-19 vaccine.

Those are just two of the articles I found in a very quick Google search. You’ll find a lot more if you search further, but you have to dig deep. Americans have to become researchers and not receptacles before they accept whatever the government and media dish out.

This is the Vigilant Fox clip:

The interview you must hear

It would be an injustice to stop there. That was one very informative sound bite out of a fascinating and very important interview with RFK Jr.

Mr. Kennedy mentioned three things one must remember about government.

1. Once the government has the power, it will never give it back.

2. Government will abuse power to the maximum extent possible.

3. No one ever complied themselves out of totalitarian rules. The Totalitarians will always do something worse the next time. So, don’t comply.

There were times throughout history when we were very polarized, as RFK states. He mentioned the civil war, of course, but he also mentioned the Gilded Age when big companies like Rockefeller Standard Oil ran the country. It wasn’t until Teddy Roosevelt cut away at the monolith of power that was destroying democracy. Rockefeller, the richest man on earth, owned the country.


It is possible to destroy what we’re going through now, but would we do that now?

Unfortunately, what makes our survival as a democracy questionable is that we now have technologies in control of everything. Government can now do what no government has ever been able to do before. We have satellites that can scan the entire earth, facial recognition, and so on. Then there is a digital currency. Once we have a digital currency, we lose all of our rights to the government. Government can destroy us. They can starve us.

A perfect example of that is Trudeau during the Trucker protests. He froze the truckers’ accounts. None had committed a crime. They were not convicted of a crime. Their accounts were frozen because they were in the wrong place.

The government knows that if it happens again, they can close peoples’ accounts, and they will obey.

Germany, Austria, and England held protests, with millions participating. The media controlled that news, and Americans didn’t know it was happening. The intelligence agencies, the military industrial complex, with the help of Big Pharma, are in total control of the press.

Turnkey Totalitarianism

RFK calls what’s going on “turnkey totalitarianism.” While we’re trying to save democracy, the intelligence agencies are putting this digital infrastructure in place to get total control using AI and other means.

We’re in a sort of arms race. One of the things his father, RFK, would say to him is democracy is dependent on the free flow of information. Censorship is the slippery slope to totalitarianism.

Censors are always the villains throughout history. You can have the best intentions, and they can be correct, but actions – censorship is villainous. It’s always villainous.

Democracy does die in darkness.

The most important speech for today

Dwight Eisenhower gave one of the most important speeches ever given in 1960. In that farewell speech, he warned of the emergence of the military industrial complex. He included the scientific bureaucracies in his warning, as did JFK.

JFK would say that the NIH would be the office of the destruction of American democracy if we allowed them.

Mr. Kennedy also notes that JFK fought the military and the NIH, and then he died. He died after he stood up to the war machine. Martin Luther King Jr. spoke out against war, and then he died. RFK was killed after he spoke out against the war. [Donald Trump ran on ending pointless wars and we know how he was treated.]

Crisis capitalism

RFK Jr. said we could not be imperialists abroad and have a democracy at home. The 9/11 attack turned us toward the surveillance state, and COVID completed the task.

It’s fruitless to blame any individual. The trenches are dug, and all the water will fall into the trench. This is “crisis capitalism,” a tool of the complex of military, media, and pharma is done for the payoff.

He’s also very worried about the gain of function experiments and the creatures they create. We’re now doing it all over. It’s in Ukraine on the border with Russia; we do it in our universities in Texas, North Carolina, and throughout the country. We all know these creatures can and will eventually escape, but when they do, the complex gets richer, and government institutions get richer and more powerful.

We need to fight the system; the military industrial complex owns the press right now. We ought to be able to talk about these oil wars before they happen. We have a new war every five years. The CIA’s job is to create new wars to feed the machine. Look what happened with COVID. We had 138 companies involved, and they were all military companies. It was a Pentagon project.

Hollowing out the middle-class

All those bases worldwide guarantee wars, and they are destroying the middle class. For instance, Iraq was 8.2 trillion alone, and it’s hollowing out the middle class and the poor.

Now we have Ukraine. The military and Big Pharma control the media. The money for Ukraine is going into military contractors. The 100 billion to Ukraine goes right back to Boeing, General Dynamics, military contractors, and hardware companies. In fact, it doesn’t even leave the United States. Their Boards of Directors are filled with generals who show up at CNN spreading propaganda without ever revealing their conflicts of interest. They tell Americans we have to be in Ukraine.

Big Pharma is financing Evening News. Anderson Cooper works for Pfizer, not the American people. He scares the hell out of people. He lied for two years to convince people not to take ivermectin and other therapeutics.

This is where inflation comes in. They had to bid and print money to pay for all this. And who pays? The poor and the middle-class pay through inflation because it is a tax. Thus college loans take 30 years to pay off. Is it worth it to fight for Ukraine?

We need to have that discussion.

We should be able to talk about it and what we want the country to look like. Journalists start out as idealists, but now virtually all are propaganda shills for Big Pharma and the military complex. They’re stenographers. They were supposed to be fiercely skeptical of government and were supposed to speak truth to power, but now they are the bullhorn for the powerful.

The Full Interview

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1 year ago

Close border NOW, impeach aleck myuckass, impeach konniving harass.

1 year ago

This is why the massive US Government needs to be defunded now. Totalitarian Governments fail when the they can no longer confiscate the resources needed to stay in power and abuse The People. The US is unique in that the States do have a substantial amount of power if their Governors have the Balls to use that power.

I’m not totally against the Military disbanding the present Federal Government and holding snap elections or calling an Article 5 Convention. The present US Government is clearly corrupt and Illegitimate. I still believe that if the military tried to install a Military Dictatorship instead of holding Elections, there would be a lot of Officers with holes in their backs. In America, the rank and file actually run the Military, the Officers can only give orders and Mutiny is always an option if an Officer abuses power or the Military tries to permanently take over the Government!

Even in Totalitarian Governments the Government still requires the support of The People. While the scared will initially comply, eventually production will diminish to the point that there is only survival and the Government will fail.

If Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are not Impeached soon, I am confident that America will be in a Kinetic War by 2025, either internal or external. Corrupt Governments are dangerous. Stolen Elections and Illegitimate Corrupt Puppet Governments are more dangerous. America is at War, both internally and externally, most Americans refuse to deal with that reality. Will the American Constitutional Republic survive; that’s a dice throw! Unfortunately, I see a potential Divorce in our future. Normal People are becoming tired of Crazy!

Alej Marcos
Alej Marcos
1 year ago
Reply to  GuvGeek

Unfortunately, I see a potential Divorce in our future. Normal People are becoming tired of Crazy!

Ergo, TEXIT .