Zelensky Can’t Negotiate with Putin Because He’s Just on a Screen


Ukraine President Zelensky zoomed on to a screen in Davos to scold Western nations who haven’t sent him tanks and heavier weapons. He rebuked Germany, Poland and the U.S. for not being quick enough to respond to his call for heavy battle tanks.

He’s what you might call an ingrate.

Zelensky scolds the West for not sending heavier weapons and tanks faster.

Zelensky complained over the “lack of specific weaponry.”

“And I would like to thank again for the assistance from our partners,” he said at the Victor Pinchuk Foundation breakfast through an interpreter. “But at the same time, there are times where we shouldn’t hesitate or we shouldn’t compare when someone says, ‘I will give tanks if someone else will also share his tanks.’”

That was a slap at Germany. Chancellor Scholtz said he’d send tanks after the US.

Zelensky went on to declare air defense was “our weakness” in light of targeted Russian strikes, including use of Iranian-made drones, repeated his need for long-range artillery to fire at Russian forces in Ukrainian territory.

This man is set on starting World War III.

Winston Churchill Zelensky said he can’t negotiate with Putin because he’s just on the screen and he doesn’t even know if he’s alive. Somehow it’s hard to imagine Winston Churchill, with whom he is often favorably compared, saying something like this.

Mrs. Zelensky tried to claim we can’t have climate neutrality unless Russia is stopped. That’s another ridiculous comment.

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