Director Wray Wants More Government-Big Tech Partnerships


The Twitter Files exposed the FBI for illegally censoring conservatives through Twitter.  The Wray FBI has tried to shut down the free speech of Americans aggressively. The FBI later attempted to discredit the journalists who released this information.

After the release of Twitter Files 5, the FBI wanted to clear something up, and that’s that it regularly works with private sector entities to uncover wrongdoing. Looking for mean tweets to delete is a normal partnership?

On Wednesday, Chris Wray told the Davos audience that the future of national security involves a partnership between the government and Big Tech.

Mussolini would call this fascism.

Meanwhile. Antifa is only an “idea” to Mr. Wray.

Christopher Wray knew about the Hunter laptop and had it in FBI possession before the 2020 election, but did nothing.

He won’t say if agents were within the Jan. 6 crowd that tore into the Capitol. We know there were informants who also acted as agitators.

When it comes to corruption by Democrats in UkraineGate and RussiaGate, he’s missing in action. But when it comes to silencing Americans, he’s right there.

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