Zelensky Will Support Israel If They Send Him Weapons


The Zelensky government voted against Israel recently in supporting a UN General Assembly resolution. The resolution calls on the International Court of Justice to issue a legal opinion on the consequences of Israel’s ‘occupation’ of the Palestinian territories. It’s just another gimmick by the anti-Semitic UN to hurt Israel, claim more land, and generally favor the PA, which is tied to terrorist Iranian offshoots.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, in a phone call late Friday, asked Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to vote against it, Ukrainian and Israeli officials told Axios.

Netanyahu, who was sworn in as prime minister on Thursday, called Zelensky as part of a series of phone calls with leaders of some countries that had previously voted in favor of the resolution.

Israel wanted them to change their votes and oppose the resolution or at least abstain; a senior Israeli official told Axios.


During the call with Netanyahu, Zelensky, allegedly a good Jew himself, although he has Nazis in his military, said that in exchange for voting against the resolution or abstaining, he wanted to hear how the new Israeli government would change its policy and provide Ukraine with defense systems against Russian attacks using ballistic missiles and Iranian-made drones, a Ukrainian official told Axios.

Russia says they’re not using these weapons. Air defense systems are also aggressive weapons.

The Ukrainian official said Netanyahu didn’t commit to anything but said he was ready to discuss Zelensky’s requests in the future.

According to the outlet, the Ukrainian head of state was not satisfied with that response and instructed his UN envoy not to attend the vote at all. A Ukrainian official claimed the decision was made “in order to give a chance to the relationship with Netanyahu,” Axios claimed.

Netanyahu’s office confirmed to Axios that the phone call took place but refused to provide details regarding its contents.

The UN resolution was adopted on Friday with the support of 87 countries. A total of 26 nations voted against it, and 53 abstained.

Does anyone have a problem with this?


Oh, look, Vlad Zelensky, aka Winston Churchill Zelensky, does own a suit and tie. Only the most special people can get him to wear such garments. The people doling out $100 billion certainly haven’t earned it.

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