Zelensky to Regulate Crypto! Had Introduced a Social Credit System


Zelensky…says that because so much money is coming into Ukraine as he has become an international celebrity, he has legalized cryptocurrencies in Ukraine. 


He will allow foreign and Ukrainian cryptocurrencies exchanges to operate legally, according to the country’s Ministry of Digital Transformation.


~ Armstrong Economics


Zelensky has just signed into law the Virtual Assets Law. The bill legalizes and regulates the crypto market just as Biden appears to have in the works. Some fear it is the beginning of a very undemocratic society, modeled after the WEF Great Reset.

According to reports, Zelensky quietly announced a Social Credit Application, allegedly combining a Digital Identity, and a Vaccine Passport.

An article at iPhone soft explains what lies ahead for Ukraine and the Western world with digitization.

Zelensky is digitizing and centralizing everything. The government launched in 2020 an application called Diia that includes identity card, passport, permit, vaccination record, registrations, insurance, health reimbursements, social benefits, and more. A model that was known until now only in China with the famous social credit.  

If they want to track Ukrainians, they certainly can do it easily with this system. For now, it’s voluntary.

The iPhone Soft report states that it was considered for a long time and the COV crisis prompted governments to push harder “toward digitization of everyday life”, from wallets and identities to taxes, identity documents, and social benefits. It’s continuing to grow.

Zelensky’s doing this in the middle of an invasion. Incredible!

To sum up, he set up a Ministry of Digital Transformation and legalized and will regulate cryptocurrencies. Prior to the invasion, he established a national digital identity program and is said to have set up UBI, a Vaccine Passport, and a Social Credit System.


Some people believe the payoff for getting vaccinated is the camel’s nose under the tent for the social credit system.

The social credit system was actually established last year. The ePidtrymka program gives money (1000 hryvnia) to the citizens of Ukraine from the age of 14 years old if they can show proof of a full course of vaccination against the Corona virus. Anyone over 60 can use it for housing or communal services. So far, only 1 in 5 Ukrainians has gotten the money.

Leftists promise a lot to get people to go along but can rarely pay out on promises.

Ukraine was the champion of digitalization before the war broke out at the end of February.

We couldn’t find information on the alleged Ukrainian UBI program but it’s a big deal for the WEF and it’s communism if it exists.

Poland is doing something similar with digitization.

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