Zero COV Lockdown in China: Screams of Starving People from Apartments


Since the US and Europe imitated China’s lockdown procedures to varying degrees, you might want to see where China is now taking this in the videos below. The US must never allow lockdowns again but it’s going to be tried again. The sick can be quarantined, not the healthy.

The zero lockdown in Shanghai is leaving residents desperate for food and medicines. Thousands of new cases were discovered leading to the expansion of the lockdowns.

On its official WeChat channel, the city officials of Shanghai wrote: The city will continue to implement seal and control management and strictly implement staying at home except for medical treatment.

Thousands of medical personnel are pouring through the city to test millions of residents.

Whatever crisis comes, it will be used to bring in more authoritarian control.

It could be the war in Europe as one example. If Russia decides to cut off Nordstream, Europe will be desperate for energy. Without energy, food becomes scarce and that leads to starvation and riots. That’s when draconian rules come in and are accepted because no one wants to live with riots, Maajid Nawaz explains in one of the clips below.

We can’t be sure that these snapshots are indicative of the entire city.

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