100K Haitians here temporarily as a gesture are portrayed as immigrants


Joaquin Castro, son of LaRaza Rosie wrote on Twitter, “This is a major victory for immigrant rights — and the American people. @POTUS enacting temporary protected status for Haitians, shielding them from deportation & granting them work permits, will be a boom for the economy…”

This is a victory for illegal immigrant rights, not immigrants.

Some 100,000 Haitians who don’t want to go home were granted protected status years ago in the aftermath of an earthquake. There is nothing now to keep them from returning home, but we are open borders now.

This isn’t humanitarian, it’s a bid for future Democrat voters.

They’ve been here so long now — since 2010 — they are obviously never going home. Perhaps it would be wrong to send them home after so many years, but that’s not the point. The point is Democrats will find any reason at all to keep future voters here. They have no regard for the law.

Everyone gets to stay.


The Castro boys are open borders stalwarts.

His brother, hardcore leftist Julian Castro ran for president. They are the sons of an agitating communist for LaRaza, Rosie Castro. He pushed hard for open borders and socialism.

While on the campaign trail, Castro said that though “this is a bit politically incorrect to say to some people,” the country also needs migrants because of the nation’s aging population.

“We have a population in the United States that is aging, the fastest growing demographic are baby boomers [majority white] turning 65 and drawing down on Social Security,” Castro continued.

“We see countries around the world like Japan that need younger workers. And let me tell you something if we don’t get this right, in 20 or 30 years the United States is going to be begging immigrants to come to make a youthful and vibrant workforce. We need them today more than ever before.”

“We’re here today to stand up for immigrants,” he told a San Antonio crowd. “We’re here today to put People First.  We’re not going to treat migrants as criminals, we’re going to treat them like human beings. I’m going to need your support to help make sure this is possible,” KSAT reported.

This is how the Castro boys think.

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