12 variants so far of COVID-19 so you know what that means


According to The Daily Beast report, there are over a dozen variants of the new coronavirus. Viruses mutate which is why we never get a vaccine for them. That’s why the flu vaccine is always a guess as to which strains will come around and it’s never fully effective. Often, it’s not effective at all. That’s not to say we are against vaccines. We say, keep trying, and the flu vaccine does make a positive difference, but we do need to be realistic.

Realistically, there is a good chance we might never have a fully effective vaccine or any at all against the coronavirus since it keeps mutating from one generation to another.

Perhaps that knowledge, and the fact that Moderna’s human trials bombed, is what convinced Dr. Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease, to inform Americans they’d better open soon due to the state of the economy.

We know a lot more now and we know what we have to do outside of locking everything down.

The ‘wait until we have a vaccine’ was always a fool’s errand. We understand Gates, Fauci, and the drug companies want money pouring in to help develop the vaccine. Perhaps their motives are pure, we’ll give them that, however, we don’t have a vaccine for any coronavirus, including SARS and AIDS so let’s be real.

Since there are at least a dozen variants in the United States, are they all COVID-19?

The virus mutates as it spreads. In April, there were three variants, now there are over a dozen.

“There are too many rapid mutations to neatly trace a Covid-19 family tree. We used a mathematical network algorithm to visualize all the plausible trees simultaneously,” said Peter Forster, a geneticist at the University of Cambridge and lead author of the study.

They attempt it for research purposes. They labeled the three variants, A, B, C. A was found in the US in people who traveled from Wuhan, B was in Wuhan, and C was in Europe.

Viruses are bad, no doubt about it, which is why China should have shut down travel from China to the world when they discovered it. They halted travel within the country. Seems rather selfish and short-sighted.

As an aside, the Alliance for Science has an article on debunked conspiracy theories surrounding the virus. The one we question is the one that says it didn’t originate in a lab. It could have originated by accident in a lab. Their statement doesn’t disprove it.

Work on the vaccine, no problem, but what is more realistic and what we need now are effective treatments. And we need to open up — carefully — but open up.

In any case, when you hear people like former homeland security chief under Bush, Michael Chertoff, say don’t open until we have a vaccine, think twice before you agree. Unfortunately, he’s the adviser to the mayor of our Capital.

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