Former Bush secretary tells DC mayor to keep things closed until there’s a vaccine


Former homeland security secretary Michael Chertoff is an adviser to D.C. Mayor Browser. His advice is to keep schools closed until there is a vaccine for the coronavirus, which will likely be never. It means people can’t get back to work if the children aren’t in school. He also wants this to at least go to the election.

He likely has an ulterior motive. Chertoff probably wants to make certain senile Joe Biden wins the election as he advocates for mail-in voting. If we allow that, it’s the end of Republicans. We will only see Democrat presidents for decades to come.

On Sunday, the former secretary said he believes the November election “should definitely include mail-in-ballots” as election officials grapple with how to protect voters from exposure to the coronavirus during voting.

“The positive side of mail-in ballots is it allows people to vote without putting themselves at risk for long lines in an actual physical election voting site,” Chertoff said on “Face the Nation.”

Chertoff said there has “never been a demonstration of widespread fraud or misbehavior in mail-in ballots.”

That’s because it is a very hard thing to prove, but absentee ballots are notorious for fraud.  The ballot harvesting we saw in California and other states stole the votes and mail-in voting will be far worse. Ballots will show up all over from all over as they did in ballot harvesting. Common sense tells you it is a perfect vehicle for corruption. It will be the end of the U.S. vote. There is no reason people can’t vote in-person. It’s the American way.


Chertoff said that under the recommendations, distance learning would be mandatory in the first stage of reopening, then schools would allow in-person instruction for specific students.

“Those entering transitional grades or needing extra instruction would come in first,” Chertoff said. “We’d make sure to maintain distancing in classrooms to keep the collection of people in a particular classroom below a certain number, like 10; to make sure the same youngsters were together throughout the day so you don’t have a lot of people mixing with other groups; and then to have present on staff people with health background and experience in case someone displays symptoms or some issue arises. And the idea would be eventually during the course of this time, to basically reopen, but in a very measured and deliberate way.”

Dragging this out to the election is much too suspicious. The timing is so questionable.

This man is either a fool or he’s enacting his plan to push for mail-in voting. We choose the latter. It’s absurd and it’s also damaging to children. Statistically, they are not affected by the virus, despite hysterical reports popping up, and children need their friends and their teachers.


As President Trump said:

Democrats pretend they are worried about Russians interfering but they are the ones we need to worry about.

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