13 Cops Shot in 24 Hours – NFL Aired an Anti-Police Show 48 Hours Later


Two days after 13 police officers were wounded, 2 fatally in 24 hours, the NFL and Pepsi put on a hate-police halftime show with Dr. Dre singing an anti-cop lyric and Eminem kneeling. Of course, they’re never blamed, the laws that allow criminals free rein are not blamed, only the police and guns are blamed by our new anti-police guardians of justice.


Two police officers died and 11 others were wounded in shootings over a 24-hour period across four states Friday.

“This is what we call the war on cops,” Betsy Brantner Smith, spokeswoman for the National Police Association and a 29-year police veteran who trains officers, told Fox News Digital.

“[W]e are constantly attacked, and we are either attacked doing very simple things — traffic stop, responding to a 911 call, a domestic. All of that.”

The incidents happened in Arizona, Maryland, New Mexico, and Pennsylvania.

In 2021, the FBI counted 73 officers intentionally killed in the line of duty. That’s a nearly 59% increase compared to the 46 intentionally killed in 2020.

While American law enforcement officers “have always known” the risk of putting on a badge, nearly two years of anti-police rhetoric is not helping police or criminals, Brantner Smith said.

Branter Smith and former New York City Police Commissioner Howard Safir pointed to progressive bail reform and prosecution policies that have allowed repeat offenders to be released from prison and back into their communities without vetting.


Nine officers were shot in Phoenix and were invited in by the criminal Morris Jones not knowing he had already killed his girlfriend. During an hours-long barricade situation, Jones stepped out of the front door, put a baby down, and then surrendered to police, police said.

Officers then approached the front door to rescue the baby but Jones shot at them, wounding four with bullets as four others were struck by ricochets or shrapnel, police said.

After members of the police department’s Special Assignment Unit arrived at the scene, those officers used shields to reach the child, the statement said. “Jones also fired shots at the SAU officers during the barricade.”

Three officers are still hospitalized, and two others died.

In Frederick County, Maryland, two officers responded to a 911 call of a report of a suspicious person with a gun. According to Maryland State police, the officers found Dominique Lamarr Lewis, 25, sitting on an electrical box with a gun. When officers asked him to show his hands, Lewis ignored their requests.

Police say Lewis began to walk away from the two officers when he “abruptly turned around and fired multiple rounds” using a .45 caliber handgun. Both officers returned fire with their department-issued Glock pistols. Emergency crews found all three with gunshot wounds and took them to the R Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Center at the University of Maryland Medical Center for treatment. A motive remains unknown.

Criminal Caleb Dustin Elledge, of Los Lunas, who was out of prison with an ankle monitor he cut off, and Alanna Martinez who helped him, rammed a police car in New Mexico.

The officer was shot along a highway east of Albuquerque after pursuing the vehicle. Elledge reportedly told police he didn’t want to go back to prison and he fired at least eight rounds at the officer. Now the moron is in far worse trouble.

A Philadelphia SWAT officer was shot in the chest by an unidentified man while trying to serve a high-risk drug warrant. He was briefly hospitalized but survived thanks to his bulletproof vest. The Mayor, Mayor Kenney, blamed the guns, not the laws and the DA who won’t prosecute crimes. The suspect is a drug dealer not in prison but it’s the gun’s fault

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