Pelosi Claims Dems Want to Fund the Police as November Looms


The George Floyd Justice in Policing Act of 2020, which Democrats still seek to pass, would take all monetary protections from police nationwide. No one would take the job under these circumstances. Speaker Pelosi wholeheartedly supported it.

The Squad and other Democrats have called for defunding the police, abolishing ICE, and allowing foreign criminals to enter the US and remain.

The Squad members that call for defunding the police have spent thousands on private security. They want our police defunded while they can afford to protect themselves.

Biden agreed in July 2021, that he “proposed” defunding the police and, “they’ve become the enemy.”

As we near the November elections and defunding the police becomes ever-more unpopular, Nancy Pelosi now says that is not the position of the Democrat Party. The woman’s found religion just in time to get Democrats elected. She made the comment after George Stephanopoulos asked about Cori Bush calling for defunding the police.

“Make no mistake community safety is our responsibility,” Nancy said as she promotes open borders, AGs and DAs who won’t prosecute crimes, and has said nothing about those in her party calling for defunding the police.

Go to 7:25:

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