18% Say the US Is Going in the Right Direction


A new Monmouth University Survey found that only 18% of Americans believe the country is headed in the right direction down from 24% two months ago [Who are these people?]. All told 80% say we are headed in the wrong direction. Biden’s job disapproval is at 57% with 37% approving and 58% say they it’s hard to pay for gas. It’s always about the economy in the end.

To break it down further, 26% of Americans say the economy is the top topic influencing their vote for Congress this November, while 25% say abortion is the big issue. The next-biggest issues are health care (16%), immigration (14%), gun control (9%), and taxes (8%).

The survey found that 58% of Americans have trouble paying for gas and 52% can’t pay for food. Unfortunately, inflation is definitely still going in the wrong direction.

Ukraine – which Senate Leaders McConnell and Schumer say is the overriding issue – didn’t even make the top ten. Americans are still concerned about America as compared with corrupt foreign countries halfway around the world. This is despite media efforts to convince us otherwise.

In 2018, the left-wing Monmouth poll found that health care was the most important issue to a plurality of voters (28%), followed by the economy (19%), immigration (18%), gun control (13%), abortion (9%) and taxes (7%). In those midterms, Democrats picked up 41 House seats to regain control of the lower chamber of Congress.


A lot of the anger – about the direction the country is heading in – is driven by the media and partisan attacks, but mostly it’s the rising costs of gas and food.

Abortion is only a big issue because of the media and the partisans. Nothing changes if Roe goes down. The hysteria is over nothing and is merely a Get Out the Vote effort by Democrats.

Inflation is what is behind Biden’s numbers, not his dementia or incompetence due to ideology and control by the hard-left.  It’s the economy, stupid.

Meanwhile, Congress is sending another $40 billion to Ukraine, a big chunk of it will be a State Department slush fund and assistance to bring Ukrainians to the US. They won’t even allow oversight. Nancy Pelosi says there will be more billions going to Ukraine.

Could we at least see the plan for Ukraine or are we going to just keep throwing money we don’t have at it? We do want Ukraine to keep its seaports open and perhaps we need to help them but we would like some accountability.

The politicians are out of touch, or are they? Due to the incompetence of our politicians, the US has too much debt and inflation will diminish that at the expense of the middle class. Inflation is a huge 10% tax and it’s growing.


The survey also found a majority of Americans report having a difficult time paying for gas. That’s key and it is why Americans see Biden going in the wrong direction.

Monmouth conducted the poll from May 5 to 9 via phone with 807 adults in the United States. There is a margin of error of plus or minus 3.5 percentage points, the university said.

The polls showed that 58% of people say it’s difficult for them to afford gas for their vehicles. More than half say it is difficult to pay grocery bills (52%), tax bills (51%) and health care deductibles, and out-of-pocket expenses (51%).

About 48% say the same about health insurance premiums, and 37% say making their mortgage or rent payment is difficult.

A Monmouth University poll in 2017 found that 62% found it easy to pay for groceries versus 47% easy in 2022.

Wrong direction, baby!

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1 year ago

Where do they get these numbers from and notice how they try to spin them. I can believe that 18% of Americans are Batshit crazy. I find it hard to believe that only 26% see the Economy as the biggest Issue when over 50% of the people in the Survey are having trouble buying food. Abortion isn’t 25%, Roe v Wade is the issue so at least 20% are for striking down Roe and returning more power to the States. See how Poll results are “bent” to influence opinion.

In September of 2016, my coworkers thought I was crazy when I said that Donald Trump was going to beat Hillary Clinton. The Polls lied about the President Race. The real predictor was that 75% of the People who saw Hillary as a extension of 0bama and 75% of the People said the Country was headed in the Wrong Direction. Traitor Joe can’t have a 37% approval Rating with over 80% saying the Country is headed in the Wrong Direction. The only approval Traitor Joe has is from the 18% who are Batshit Crazy!

There needs to be a “No Confidence Vote” on Biden/Harris in November and if No Confidence exceeds 50% the New Congress Should Impeach both of them and the Senate remove them from Office! Treason is as good a reason as any! The New Speaker of the House should assume the Presidency. It won’t be Pelosi and probably won’t be McCarthy. Think Rep. Steve Scalise, Rep. Jim Jordan, Rep.Ronny Jackson, or Rep. Marsha Blackburn. President Trump will make the call and I think it will be Rep. Jim Jordan because he would be too conservative to win in 2024 and make Trump’s run in the Primary easy. In the mean time, Jim Jordan would be so far to the Right, he may be able to undo almost everything Traitor Joe has done by November 2024.