1st reparations bill passes the assembly to atone for slavery


The California state assembly just passed a reparations bill to atone for slavery no one in California is responsible for and the money will be given to people who were never enslaved.

This is so wrong and won’t help, it will hurt race relations.

The vote passed by a 61 – 12 margin and now goes to the state Senate, where it will likely pass and to the Democrat governor who will likely sign it.

What is particularly ludicrous about this is that California entered the union in 1850 as a state where slavery was illegal, The Associated Press reported.

If the bill passes the Senate and is signed into law by Gov. Gavin Newsom, eight people with backgrounds in racial justice reforms (far-left lunatics) would lead a study into who would be eligible for compensation due to slavery and how it should be awarded.

Assemblywoman Shirley Weber, a far-left Democrat from San Diego who wrote the bill, said the study would reiterate California’s history of abetting slavery, even as it joined the union as a “free state” in 1850.

Of course, that is utter nonsense and it is soon coming to a state near you.

Democrats need to make black people into victims instead of self-sustaining achievers so they can keep them on the Democrat plantation.

Victimhood and identity politics is what the Democrats stand for and that is Marxism.

No one can atone for slavery and the horror that befell all those innocent people — no one. The damage was done and it’s time to move on. Black people are not victims.

Throwing money at people, saying you’re wrong for doing something you didn’t do is insane.

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