Texas Democrats leave the House floor to block a bill – Wisconsin 2011 déjà vu


Texas Democrats walked off the floor of the state House of Representatives late Sunday night to block the passage of a new voting reform bill. So much for Biden’s call to unify the country.

Much like Wisconsin Democrats did 10 years ago, Texas Democrats forced the postponement of a House vote by fleeing the House floor. In February 2011, Wisconsin Democrats actually left the state to avoid being called to return to the legislature to vote on a bill.

On Sunday, Texas Republicans were left without a quorum, making it impossible to approve the voting reform bill before the midnight deadline. The Democrats’ departure effectively killed the bill for this legislative session.

Republican Governor Greg Abbott tweeted late Sunday that he will add “election integrity” to a list of topics lawmakers will address in a special legislative session he plans to call.

Texas House Democratic Caucus chairperson Chris Turner sent a text message to all his members at 10:35 pm, a source told CNN. “Take your key and leave the chamber discretely. Do not go to the gallery. Leave the building,” the text read.

Wisconsin Democrats did the exact same thing in 2011 to avoid an important vote. Senator Jon Erpenbach talked to the AP in a telephone interview, refusing to say where he was. It’s déjà vu all over again.

Wisconsin Democrats then unsuccessfully attempted to recall Governor Scott Walker in 2012. Government Accountability Board estimates put the cost of the statewide recall at $9 million.

When Democrats don’t get their way, they don’t negotiate or work toward a consensus. U.S. Senators and Representatives have done the same thing, despite Biden’s call for unity.

Seems like Democrats don’t mind playing games with the Constitution at the voter’s expense.

Image from: wfla.com

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