Black Lives Matter funding tied to dark money


Black Lives Matter self-describes as a neo-Marxist organization and they are a black secessionist movement. It was started up during the Ferguson riots and has been funded by George Soros to the tune of $33 million dollars. They have the exact same agenda as the Black Panthers, which Bill O’Reilly explains on this link.

Act Blue is a Democrat fundraising machine.

Human Events reports:

In an era when the most vehement proponents of big government happen to be the most politically active billionaires, it is not surprising that the Democracy Alliance, a collaborative of liberal donors led by George Soros and Peter B. Lewis, has set out on an offensive to pile funds into the liberal machine.

The tactics of Soros, his constituent investors, and foundations are revealed easily — and in considerable detail — by an examination of the seemingly “grassroots” groups that this very non-grassroots collection of billionaires and bureaucrats fund.

In fact, staples of the “grassroots” political movement — especially progressive websites such as and ActBlue — are not driven by the average Democrat, as their image may suggest, but are rather mouthpieces for the radical agendas of the likes of Soros and labor unions.

When you give to the group, you have no idea where it will go but it will go to the hard-left.

Former intelligence officer, Jason Buttrill, a writer for the Glenn Beck show, has done some of his own research:

As Mr. Buttrill later notes, the FEC needs to look into this dark money organization immediately.

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3 years ago

Only those can be recruited by criminals like Soros. Dumb and young.

Thomas Morgan
Thomas Morgan
3 years ago

These people are terrorists, plain and simple. They could care less about racism, they are nothing but looters and petty criminals hiding behind racism as an excuse. Black lives do matter as do all lives. Those that commit crimes and foster criminal protests do not prove anything except that they are low life indiduals.