2 US colleges to teach ‘abolish the police and prisons’ courses


Two colleges in the US will be offering courses that are centered around teaching students Marxist “black political and feminist theories” that will assist them in activism to abolish the police.

The classes, “#Abolishthepolice” and “Abolishing Prisons and the Police,” will be taught at Davidson College in North Carolina and Bard College in New York, respectively.


The “critical black studies” class at Davidson teaches students that non-whites and LGBT people are disproportionately targeted, causing them to be “routinely” surveilled, arrested, incarcerated, and sexually assaulted by police officers. They intend to use radical “social and political philosophies” to decry policing in all forms, including what they define as “police militarization.”

The course description cites “numerous experts” who have shown that the U.S. has the highest rate of police violence and incarceration as well as “scholars” who have shown that “Black, brown, and indigenous people are disproportionate police targets.”

“[B]ecause police violence and gendered violence are intrinsically connected, Black trans and gender-nonconforming people, and Black people with disabilities and mental health issues, routinely experience surveillance, arrest, incarceration, and sexual assault at the hands of law enforcement at significantly higher rates than any other racial demographic,” the course description says.

Yeah, that’s not true. An expansive study showed that white cops are not more likely to shoot minorities. check out the video below with Heather McDonald, a scholar at the Manhattan Institute, who has studied the war on cops in depth.

It further suggests that “current mainstream conversations” are putting too much emphasis on reforming the police to “lessen harm against marginalized communities.”


Bard College, a New York liberal arts college, is offering a course this fall on how to “sell” the abolition of prisons.

The “Abolishing Prisons and the Police” class being offered at Bard College will teach students how to “sell” abolition to the masses and design a multi-media ad campaign to make prison abolition go viral,” according to a course description.


The small college received a $500 million donation from leftist billionaire George Soros to further his sick, communist ideology.

Bard College, located in Annandale-on-Hudson in Dutchess County, New York, lists “Abolishing Prisons and the Police” as a course for the coming fall semester.

Kwame Holmes is scheduled to teach the course, which has the following description:

This course explores what’s to be gained, lost and what we can’t imagine about a world without prisons. Through the figure of abolition (a phenomenon we will explore via movements to end slavery, the death penalty, abortion, gay conversion therapy, and more) we will explore how and why groups of Americans have sought to bring an absolute end to sources of human suffering. In turn, we will explore a history of the punitive impulse in American social policy and seek to discern means of intervening against it. Finally, on the specific question of prison abolition, we will think through how to “sell” abolition to the masses and design a multi-media ad campaign to make prison abolition go viral.

Soros aims to transform higher education in his image.


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Tim Shep
Tim Shep
2 years ago

These colleges and universities should be denied government funding, but it’ll be a cold day in hell when that happens. If any one should be defunded it should be the politicians.

Extreme Keto
Extreme Keto
2 years ago

@ Geek,

Everything is a scam and the last act of an illegitimate government is to loot everything down to the foundations.
Making education worthless was brilliant because no other nations did anything so stupid.
Read earlier that there has been no advance in income for basic degrees in 40 years.
Only master’s or doctor’s degrees have seen any advance in that time and it is major.
Bwahaha! Looking up degree terms at M-W dictionary page and the first example says, blacks with an advanced degree are 25% more likely to be unemployed or underemployed.
But what about equality of results for all comrades?

2 years ago

So Colleges really do teach courses in Intermediate Lunch and Advanced Sandbox. Think about it, you pay upwards of $100,000 for your kids to be taught this crap when that money could be a good down payment on a summer cottage at the beach.

P-51 Mustang
P-51 Mustang
2 years ago

Saw a meme that said we are being conquered from within because good people sit on their hands in go along to get along land.
Just being left alone is not an option in a equality of results for all workers utopia.
Be of good cheer because we won’t be gobsmacked when Ragnarok x Armageddon goes live.
There won’t be any space missions, Jetsons or any of that, we are going back to the slit trench kill or be killed primitive.
Thanks fellow traveler traitors who could never be happy.