Imran Khan’s in Prison Partly Due to the US & His Party Won Big


Pakistan’s former president, Imran Khan, was not a politician who rose to the presidency and threatened the deep state of the military. He was a common-sense politician and was thrown out of office. The US played a part in it.

An unpopular president was installed, but then they held an election.

Imran Khan’s Party Won

Everything has been thrown at Khan’s PTI party. Despite that, they just won in the election this week.

Despite former PM Imran Khan’s detention and the many hurdles thrown at his Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), independent candidates backed by the party stunned observers by winning 93 National Assembly seats, the most by any party. However, it is far short of the 169-seat simple majority required to form a government.

The Pakistan People’s Party (PPP), led by political blue-blood Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, came in third with 54 seats.

An expose by The Intercept showed that the US was partly responsible for the imprisonment of Imran Khan.

The US wasn’t happy with Pakistan’s neutral stance on the Ukraine war. They went after the President, who wanted to maintain positive relations with all nations.

He was dragged off to prison, which drove violent protests in the country. No one trusted the government.

“Khan was convicted on flimsy charges following a trial where his defense was not even allowed to produce witnesses. He had previously survived an assassination attempt, had a journalist aligned with him murdered, and has seen thousands of his supporters imprisoned.

“While the Biden administration has said that human rights will be at the forefront of their foreign policy, they are now looking away as Pakistan moves toward becoming a full-fledged military dictatorship,” said Rafiq, the Middle East Institute scholar.

This is ultimately about the Pakistani military using outside forces as a means to preserve their hegemony over the country. Every time there is a grand geopolitical rivalry, whether it is the Cold War or the war on terror, they know how to manipulate the U.S. in their favor.”

This is very similar to what the US did in Kosovo. 

Trump prosecutor Jack Smith is accused of building a “phony” case against the former President of Kosovo, Hamid Thaci. He allegedly did it for political reasons. Thaci was imprisoned for three years and is still in prison. Smith’s own witnesses said Smith lied to them.

This is what Democrats are doing to the US.

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Tommy Udo
Tommy Udo
7 days ago

So the CIA, “Trumped”, Imran Khan. That sounds like, standard operating procedure for the Deep State Democrats.

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
8 days ago

The interference of our USA destabilizes the world. It is also reflected in the destruction of our nation internally, where similar dirty tricks, such as propaganda, election crimes, coups and lawfare are utilized.

Democrats are just a part of this. This is deep state, CIA, State, DoD, and so on. The senate intel committee when run by the GOP is just as corrupt. Both parties cheered as we destroyed Yugoslavia based on fake stories.

Peter B. Prange
Peter B. Prange
9 days ago

Interference like this is exactly the type of foolishness of which Putin complained to Tucker, foolishness that works against the self-interest of a great nation. I don’t understand why… or Why would they …