30% of Oregon Might Become Idaho, Forming the New Guards


Thirty percent of the Oregon counties want to break away from Oregon and join Idaho. They only began with three counties. Per the Constitution, they might be able to throw off the tyrannical government and find new guards. It looks like it might happen. Only three counties haven’t voted in the Eastern part of the state because the county clerks refuse to allow the vote. But it’s only a matter of time until the vote does get through.

The new guards
Our Constitution Calls for New Guards to Repel Tyranny

The people want to secede over values. They do not share the values of the heavily-populated cities, which geographically represent a small portion of the state.

If they succeed, they get to decide on taxation, gun laws, where their money goes, how elections are run, when hunting seasons are, how businesses are run, change lax drug laws, and especially make enormous changes in the size of the bureaucracy.

According to the US Constitution, they can’t get their new guards without the consent of the Oregon and Idaho legislatures and the US Congress. Idaho is interested in allowing it. Idaho would benefit financially, and it would increase the size of its population.

Looking for new guards

Oregon might go for it. The western side thinks the eastern side is a financial drain. Once the conservative side leaves, Oregon will be fully progressive and can implement any agenda they want. They could become California to the nth degree.

The Oregon bill is in the state senate.

Counties in Virginia, Illinois, New Mexico, etc., are also looking to do it. It has been done throughout history.

More Information

🔵 Greater Idaho Movement: https://ept.ms/3YqGa2z 🔵 Idaho Movement President: https://ept.ms/3Hym0wK https://ept.ms/3HHkCYy

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