Gateway Pundit’s Bombshell Video Should Make You Furious


You should be furious after watching a video published by The Gateway Pundit and given to them exclusively. Most of us knew this, but the clip is a shocking confirmation of the deceit perpetrated by the Pelosis. The lies that we have had to live with are Stalinesque. The extreme punishments given to innocent J6 prisoners are appalling. They are built on lies. If you will, look at the video and tell me if I’m wrong about this.

The weaponization of the DOB/FBI must be addressed swiftly and harshly.

To start, Alexandra Pelosi’s staged, made-for-TV movie is recirculating. Alexandra is Nancy Pelosi’s filmmaker daughter. Her film and our ‘leaders’ bad acting in the film are supposed to have been coincidental and not scripted.

It’s not just circulating. Thanks to The Gateway Pundit, it’s circulating with a new, never-before-seen-must-see video. It’s unbelievable.

If you haven’t seen the original made-for-TV film, click here, but the real story is The Gateway Pundit film.

The new video

One man received an eight-month prison sentence for merely walking into the Capitol, Alexandra notes, aware of the absurdity. She knew the Shaman’s sentence was a pathetic joke. Alexandra Pelosi knew the Proud Boys weren’t insurrectionists, and DC is too biased to conduct fair Trump supporter trials.

Nancy Pelosi admitted to a J6 defendant that the insurrection narrative was absurd. She allowed filming because she wanted the defendant in her film. He wisely declined to be in the film.

Read more at The Gateway Pundit. The outlet gets regularly slammed by the left because they’re dangerous. They have a large audience and put out too much of the truth. It endangers the power of the elites. If people knew the truth, the elites would be toppled from their thrones.

We can’t answer for the absolute truth of this, but we trust what we see in the clip. You decide for yourself.


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