Baltimore Burning


All four corners of Baltimore are burning, especially West Baltimore.

Police are undermanned, the situation is chaotic, and police are being attacked by bottles, bricks, rocks. There is rioting on every block and stores are being burned down and looted.

The mobs are forcing the police to back up. Police might be under orders to back down. Pastors told the Fox reporter Leland Vitter that they asked the police to stay back so they could calm things but they are praying in churches and the mobs are rioting.

Gun shots are heard throughout the city.

If something doesn’t happen soon, the city will burn down.

The National Guard began to arrive in the city after midnight.

Watch the burning of Baltimore:

They knew this was going to happen but police did not act and Baltimore burned thanks to the poor leadership of the mayor. Where was the police commissioner? There was no obvious command structure. It was absolute chaos and lawlessness.

The overwhelming majority of the people burning Baltimore down were residents.

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