434,800 Anonymous People Flown in Under Biden’s Illegal Rule, It Is an Insurrection


They are closing in on half a million illegal aliens, not migrants, flown in at US expense with no legitimate vetting. They arrange their illegal entrance as they would if planning a vacation trip. These are in addition to the 12 million he allowed in over the border, and it doesn’t count the millions who sneak in.

We know he’s poured most of them into Florida. Polling shows more than 88% will vote for Democrats.

The people coming are from terrible places where most of the people hate us. What could go wrong?

Todd Bensman is beating the drums, but the media completely ignores him and the information he shares.

Thousands of single military-age men and some women are pouring in from China. They are unfriendly, speak in Chinese in front of you although they know English, and they won’t bother with Americans. They’re not here for a better life.

Stephen Miller addressed it on Life, Liberty, and Levin. This is a partial clip. I don’t have the second clip where Miller says, make no mistake, they will bring Gazans in and will concentrate them into the mid-west. He will turn the mid-west into the Middle East. It is pure malice and hatred of America.

Their neighboring states won’t take refugees from that region, yet Biden will. They are dangerously radicalized.

The Left are pushing anti-American policies to balkanize our society. In addition, they give them freebies. They will also hook newcomers onto welfare and build their big government with a one-party state.

The Democrat party is an autocracy. It’s an insurrection.

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