5-4, the Supreme Court Sent a Clear Message to the People


5-4, the Supreme Court Sent a Clear Message to the People – Go to Hell

The Texas Razor Wire Case


What is going on with our Supreme Court? Normal Americans lose the most important cases, even with the majority sitting in the court. Messages were sent with the Texas Razor Wire Case that we cannot ignore. The Court will allow the Biden administration to remove the razor wire at Eagle Pass, thereby allowing masses of unvetted humanity to pour across each day and camp out in the park.

Millions of military-age men are pouring in; 10,000 come in daily. As conservative Republicans have pointed out, 10,000 is an army division. They’ve come to invade in a silent war. The United States is losing its identity. That cannot be denied.

Losing the Obamacare vote with Justice Roberts was the first most noticeable loss. When it came time to do the right thing and not count illegal aliens in the census – which gives more power and more House seats to the wrong people – the Court let us down.

Now, in a most obvious, extremely important case, Justices Roberts and Coney Barrett backed up the betrayal of the American people by refusing to allow Texas to protect its border. It was so clear as to what they should do. It was a crucial opportunity to make a statement. The statement the Supreme Court made was to keep the border open and let people who are financial burdens, criminals, and terrorists pour into the country. The best of them will be tremendous burdens, and the worst are coming to destroy us. That much is crystal clear even to the most unread.


Out manifest destiny is now the destruction of the United States, and the Court knows it.

Their decision will invite more illegals to come because apathetic Americans sit idly by as our leaders destroy us, and it is destruction. Our sovereignty, votes, and rights are changing overnight as millions of non-Americans pour in. You saw the mobs parading hate in the streets. You saw them. They hate you. The politicians who enable it, hate you.

A group of black Americans in Chicago, who have so much to lose, know it, and they’re suing. Everyone knows it. The media knows it but continues to lie because six oligarchs basically own the media.

Border Patrol has said that even the better of the invaders must pay cartels for their passage, so they allow themselves to be trafficked or are forced to commit other crimes. They have no other way to make money.

The US is trafficking children. Could anything be more vile and Satanic? Drugged-out toddlers are coming in with single adult men, claiming their wives left them or some other nonsense. Yet, the Court is supporting this. That is the message they sent.

The White Supremacists

As this massive immigration continues, businesses, schools, and media are teaching the so-called new Americans to hate the majority of American people and the country’s history with DEI/CRT and 1619.

White supremacy hate is a guise for an attack on the American majority. The majority has to be disarmed in any revolution. How do you do that? You look at what they have in common – whiteness – and then you dehumanize them for it.

The Justices know what is happening to this country, yet they used a petty legal excuse to let the Biden regime continue the destruction of the United States. The Court supports the destruction of America and the replacement of the population, except for the three conservative justices who are under constant assault.

Why? We can’t say. Fear, threats, ideology, lack of clarity of thought, corruption? We don’t know, but they are selling us out. The United States so many fought for is a carcass being ravaged by politicians and lawyers.

Donald Trump is concerned about the Court and the decisions they will make in his cases, and he should be concerned because something has corrupted them.

Our manifest destiny was once to settle, expand, and enrich the new land. Now, it is to destroy the most exceptional nation that ever existed.


Correction: We posted the ruling as a 6-3 decision in error. We apologize.

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1 month ago

Trump’s SCOTUS nominee’s are not very impressive are they?

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
1 month ago

The criminal network which ran the 2020 coup has lots of assets and a far reach, It can coerce or threaten people. This can explain inexplicable behavior.

We just saw the effort to bribe Kari Lake.

1 month ago

A godless nation produces godless leaders.
The ole “Reap n sow.”

1 month ago

5-4 decision.