7300% Increase in “Migrants” from Venezuela Under Democrats


There has been a ghastly and shocking 7300% spike in migrants from Venezuela under the Biden administration’s open border policies. They are here to stay. One just killed an innocent nursing student and left her body and skull disfigured. He was a criminal, as is his brother, who was given a job at the University of Georgia, where the murdered woman, Laken Riley, died.

Socialist Venezuela Under Maduro

We have hundreds of thousands of Venezuelans released inside the country by our government in the last three years. Many have come from Venezuelan prisons. In fact, Venezuela’s violent crime has taken a precipitous decrease as a result, if timing means anything.

The murderer, Jose Antonio Ibarra, and his brother, Diego Jose Ibarra, had fake green cards. They were caught but given parole, the loosey-goosey parole that Biden and Mayorkas have ordered given out willy-nilly. They claimed the ridiculous, credible fear that gets everyone into this country. They were drunk drivers, shoplifters, and now one’s a murderer. They were probably criminals in their home country, too.

You should know that Ibarra moved to Athens, Georgia because it’s an illegal alien sanctuary. One disgraceful national news outlet shamefully read that Riley‘s violent murder has once again put the spotlight on the dangers female runners face.

The disgusting mayor of Athens, Kelly Girtz, blamed Donald Trump when he is the one who oversees a sanctuary city that allows criminals from foreign countries to hide out.

People should know that the Venezuelan government issues travel documents to individuals linked to terrorism and allows terrorists to operate with relative impunity. The country has close ties to Iran, the notorious state sponsor of terrorism.

A State Department report reveals that Venezuelan dictator Nicholas Maduro and his criminal associates. “use criminal activities to help maintain their illegitimate hold on power, fostering a permissive environment for tourist groups.”

Laken Riley

Venezuela is home to communist revolutionaries, including the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Columbia, known as FARC, and the Columbian National Liberation Army, known as ElN. We have open borders for all his people who hate the US. Anyone who votes for Democrats knowing this is complicit in the murders that follow.

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