74 million voters painted as ISIS and domestic terrorists


From media to social media to radio to Democrat communist experts, 74 million voters and all of the peaceful protesters in D.C. on January 6th are painted as domestic terrorists and no different than ISIS.

The media insists on calling the riot at the Capitol a domestic terrorist attack and an insurrection. During a CNN interview, Andrew McCabe, who ran our FBI, suggested everyone who was at the Capitol to protest peacefully — Trump supporters — are like ISIS.

McCabe claims Donald Trump radicalized all the Trump voters.

“I spent years working against extremists doing counterterrorism work in the FBI. And I have to tell you that that sort of a diverse cross-section of people is exactly what you see in the population of adherents, people who are attracted to extremist rhetoric and extremist movements. That is exactly what you see. When we looked at those Americans who traveled to Syria for the purpose of joining the Islamic State when you put all of those faces and names down in one place, you had doctors, lawyers, you had people who were Muslim their entire life and some people who had just converted only months earlier. You had rich people, poor people, men, women, of every ethnic variety. So I think that’s actually common to extremist groups. Some people are very vulnerable to and drawn into that core lie of any extremist movement, and that is exactly what we’re seeing now with these — this particular group of Trump supporters. They have invested, on an emotional and spiritual level, in this grievance that the election was stolen from them and they seem to be completely manipulated by that propaganda.”


It doesn’t stop or start there. It is all over the media.


Author Don Winslow tweeted a trailer for a movie, Trump’s New Army, which depicts the 74 million who voted for Donald Trump as “domestic terrorists.” All must be reported to law enforcement and imprisoned, Winslow adds recklessly.

The video is diabolical, painting millions of citizens, not only as disloyal to the nation but as actual terrorists.

The makers of this film are looking for a civil war.

This is what the media is doing in general — painting every rallygoer as a terrorist. It’s to intimidate and silence.

Robby Starbuck writes, “Meanwhile Twitter is banning people and suspending people for creating a “risk of violence” by questioning anything from the election but a guy who makes a video like this is left alone despite the fact it explicitly creates a risk of violence and seems to hope for it.”

And he adds:

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2 years ago

Many at the Capitol on January 6 committed acts of domestic terrorism. That makes them domestic terrorists. Not all Trump supporters are domestic terrorists, but all domestic terrorists appear to be Trump supporters.

Snitch In Time
Snitch In Time
2 years ago

Democrats are totalitarian monsters. This desire to round up and imprison all who dissent from their views is clear evidence we are dealing with totalitarian monsters. Democrats Delenda Est!!

Riddles Are Abound
Riddles Are Abound
3 years ago

Truth fears no investigation and bad news for the Mordor minions, you are seriously clueless in your miasma of cess ridden swamp delusion.
In your overzealous lust for fundamental transformation you have awoken even the most somnambulant “normies” and the fence sitters have come down off of their perch.
Bwahaha! Looked up somnambulant definition to ensure proper spelling and their example of usage in a sentence blasts Nikki Haley (Derp State) for some speech praising Trump.
This is at a big named dictionary publisher page and that is right out of 1984.

(h/t-to Mrs. H for teaching me great spelling)

O/T-always a one take alright then let’s go so I apologize for any grammatical errors or you’re your mistakes in advance.