Biden ramps-up assault on ‘domestic terrorists’ & DHS issues a warning


Joe Biden is going big on the fake domestic terrorism and white supremacy threat. It’s a great distraction from what the Left is doing in the White House. It also deflects from the Wuhan virus scandal recently exposed in part by the Fauci emails.

He doubled down today with a tweet following his remarks yesterday. He claims falsely that “we’re witnessing an all-out assault on our democracy – and we need to act swiftly to protect the sacred right to vote. We need the For the People Act and the John Lewis Voting Rights Act.”

Those two acts together will make it impossible for anyone but Democrats to win an election. It will destroy this country.

Joe Bama is currently giving another teleprompter speech and so far, he’s taking credit for the COV vaccine. We will save the rest for another article.

His remarks from yesterday set the stage. He expressed hate for this country and for half of his countrymen:


There is a new war on terror and American citizens are the targets. The Left will use all the tools of war on its own fellow Americans to silence all political opposition.

The Department of Homeland Security on Friday issued a new warning bulletin, alerting Americans that domestic extremists may well use violence on the 100th Anniversary of the Tulsa race massacre. This was at least the fourth and there was no specificity.

One warning was an excuse for thousands of troops to be deployed to ostensibly protect the Capitol.

It Is Intended to Keep Us Fearful of an Invisible Enemy

Glenn Greenwald states that just like the first War on Terror, there are no details. The warning is only intended to strike fear in the populace.

Greenwald writes: “Americans have seen this scam before. Throughout the first War on Terror, DHS, which was created in 2002, was frequently used to keep fear levels high and thus foster support for draconian government powers of spying, detention, and war.”

He continues: Before Joe Biden was even inaugurated, he and his allies knew they needed a new villain…Domestic surveillance is also on the rise. Last month, CNN reported that “the Biden administration is considering using outside firms to track extremist chatter by Americans online, an effort that would expand the government’s ability to gather intelligence but could draw criticism over surveillance of US citizens.”

Censorship, no-fly lists, abandonment of due process is all back. Danger from the non-existent white supremacists is the excuse.

“Objections to new powers vested in the U.S. security state in the name of fighting domestic terrorism are met with still greater scorn. If you oppose new anti-terrorism legislation for use on U.S. soil or are deeply concerned about the invocation of civil-liberties-destroying weapons such as no-fly lists, online censorship, and heightened domestic surveillance, then it is assumed that you must support domestic extremists — just as those who opposed the war in Iraq or the Patriot Act or NSA spying or torture were accused of supporting Al Qaeda,” writes Greenwald.

In Conclusion

He concludes: “Opposing this new domestic War on Terror and all those new powers and secrecy authorities that go with it does not require support for or even indifference toward what happened at the Capitol on January 6. It merely requires a basic knowledge of recent U.S. history and how these powers are invariably used by the secretive U.S. security state when government-generated fears lead to their widespread enactment. The dangers of the first War on Terror were grave enough. Transferring it to “the Homeland,” as President Biden calls it, is bound to be far more dangerous still.”

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