91% of Dems Say Violence Is Coming


A new survey conducted by Pew Research Center found that Americans believe politicians should avoid “heated” political language, saying it has become more “toxic.” They believe it will “make violence more likely.”

A stunning 91 percent of people who are Democrats or lean Democrat felt it will lead to violence as opposed to 61 percent of those who are Republican or lean Republican.

When asked a similar question about heated language from politicians and whether Americans think it “could encourage violence,” Democratic voters once again scored high with 83 percent, compared to only 61 percent of Republicans who think that way.

It is safe to say we know where the violence will start. It already started.

President Trump has never called for violence, but MSM has a cheering squad for Antifa among Democrats. CNN was fundraising for Antifa.

Antifa identifies as anarcho-communists and aligns with Democrats.

Rashida was at a Donald Trump event in 2016 screaming, insulting and was kicked out. She’s a Democrat star.

Communists always get violent.

The Squad, the communistas, are the real Speakers of the House and just again made it clear to Pelosi that it’s racist to criticize them.

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