91% of Dems Say Violence Is Coming


A new survey conducted by Pew Research Center found that Americans believe politicians should avoid “heated” political language, saying it has become more “toxic.” They believe it will “make violence more likely.”

A stunning 91 percent of people who are Democrats or lean Democrat felt it will lead to violence as opposed to 61 percent of those who are Republican or lean Republican.

When asked a similar question about heated language from politicians and whether Americans think it “could encourage violence,” Democratic voters once again scored high with 83 percent, compared to only 61 percent of Republicans who think that way.

It is safe to say we know where the violence will start. It already started.

President Trump has never called for violence, but MSM has a cheering squad for Antifa among Democrats. CNN was fundraising for Antifa.

Antifa identifies as anarcho-communists and aligns with Democrats.

Rashida was at a Donald Trump event in 2016 screaming, insulting and was kicked out. She’s a Democrat star.

Communists always get violent.

The Squad, the communistas, are the real Speakers of the House and just again made it clear to Pelosi that it’s racist to criticize them.



    • Excuse me !!! “…will come…” What do you think antifa, blm, etc., and the “vocative exhortations” by prominent democrats to harass and attack citizens on the “right side of the divide” in restaurants, in places of business and on the streets, IS…pay attention, to date, if any, am sure 99.9% of the violence or proposed violence HAS originated on the “convoluted side of the equation”, id est, the liberal(?), progressive(?), leftist demoncraptic side…it is NOT coming, it IS here !!!

      • “The left has been setting this in motion since Obama was elected.”

        Starting with the invocation, ” The police acted stupidly,” on national television.

  1. Re: “A stunning 91 percent of people who are Democrats or lean Democrat felt it will lead to violence as opposed to 61 percent of those who are Republican or lean Republican.”

    That’s because leftists are excuse-making idolaters, who pretend “hurting their feewings” can trigger violence, while conservatives believe in self-reliant free-will choice personal responsibility and restraint.

  2. It is funny…let them think what they want.
    Their first martyr is already dead.
    A dried up old stick with some incendiaries and an assault rifle tried to commit arson at a Federal Detention Facility…
    He refused to stop when challenged by police and was promptly shot dead…

    How will the rest of them act when met by not only one or two Gay, Vietnamese, journalists, but rather by people who shoot their own food and rarely miss because a bullet is a terrible thing to waste? Lol.

    • It wasn’t an assault rifle. Was most likely a a semi auto sporting rifle. Please don’t propagate leftist lies. … otherwise spot-on.

  3. The Left thinks they know what violence is? Let them meet my wife on a bad day and they’ll beg to convert to Wall Street running dogs while she flays them alive with her spatula.

  4. When they start it, Later The Left will wish to God they hadn’t. None of them will be safe. You would think the horror of 620,000 Civil War Dead would remind them. But who ever said the Left was Smart. Oh well they will get what they want, The Thinning of the Population. But it will be them..!!

  5. When the “army” of Pajama Boys makes it’s way to my neck of the woods, I will try and save my ammo and just use my machete and the dogs. If need be the crossbow will come out. Heck, who am I fooling? I live within 100 miles of the geographical center of the contiguous 48 states. The chances of even 1 PJ Boy surviving after 24 hours of Civil War II is about 0.0 percent, let alone advance deep into the midwest.

    • Do not expect them to fight face to face. They will engage in drive-by shootings. Arsonist will burn schools and the homes of conservatives in the middle of the night. They will target our children. Too few of us understand the sheer evil we are about to encounter. The only time they will be face-to-face with us is when they know we are unarmed (church, work, etc), and out number us 10-1.

  6. Leftist politicians have openly called for violence against real Americans. Their co-conspirators in the media justify antifa terrorism, and stoke the fires of division with lies.
    Republican Senators shot at a baseball game by a crazed Demsoc gunman. Border patrol center attacked by antifa gunman! Smollet style fake hate crimes in every city…
    The Demsocs are trying to provoke violence to intimidate and to use as a pretext to violate the 2nd Amendment and sieze our guns.

  7. Unfortunately history has shown the world that the only way to defeat socialists, marxists, communists, and anarchists is to prevail through violence. They claim they are ready to fight by any means possible, which precludes rational discussion and negotiation. So bring it on.

  8. More violence, more radicalism, more sweeping votes for the Conservatives. The registered independents, the Libertarians – the non-affiliated, middle of the road voters — along with the once moderate Democrats, ALL will go towards a conservative/moderate candidate – the left wing radicals know this, and they don’t care. They are myopic and they get frustrated more won’t join them.

  9. The elements of the common law defense of self-defense are four: Be innocent of instigation. Be in reasonable fear of bodily harm. Use sufficient force only to protect oneself from evil. Attempt to withdraw.

    Good people ought to be armed as they will, with wits and Guns and THE TRUTH.

    One is not required to suffer the first blow before responding with deadly force, only to be in reasonable fear of the threatened violence.

    • And FILM everything that is said and done to you, ideally from multiple angles so they can’t twist and distort what happened to suit themselves (think Covington boys). This means you shouldn’t be there all by yourself at an event, go with friends.
      Otherwise it’s just your word against theirs–even if they physically injure you, without video footage they’ll all claim you started it!

    • After 25 years in federal law enforcement and almost 7 years local I can say that any time you are put in a physical altercation, you are only one hit away from death, or being put in a handicap state from the rest of your life.
      Doug Huffman, great points.

    • If that poll is anywhere near numerically correct, your analysis explains it. My hero, Samuel Whittemore, was 81 when he killed three redcoats on their way back from Concord . Us geezers don’t necessarily have to just watch from the sidelines while Leftist play out their low class antics.

  10. The Democrat party has been taken over by the totalitarian Religious Left and the religion is Socialist/Progressive. Their religion is ideological and dogmatic, not rational – hence, there is no way to reason or argue against their beliefs. That nations large and small have failed and gone bankrupt under Socialism is irrelevant to their received doctrine. Empirically, the more free enterprise is regulated and controlled the less well it works – but they are ideologically driven to create government agencies to do just that. The Democrats have grown into the Party of 1984; even thought control, the inhibition of expression by those with whom they disagree, is among their ideological goals. They go so far as to designate Words That Shall Not Be Spoken.

  11. From the loser who shot up Republican lawmakers warming up at a baseball game, to ANTIFA violence across the country, to college campus violence, to blatant unilateral censorship against Conservatives in social media spaces, to Senator Rand Paul being assaulted and badly hurt in his own yard at home, we have LEFTIST disregard for common rights and violence, and this just touches the surface of all their nuttiness.

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