A government mass vaccination program 45 years ago was a huge debacle


First of all vaccines are effective and children should be vaccinated against all those childhood diseases that can have serious repercussions. People should get their flu shot since they help. However, forty-five years ago, a mass government vaccination program to ward off the Swine Flu of 1976 became a debacle of enormous proportions.

After a soldier died in February 1976 from a new strain of flu, the Centers for Disease Control feared it was going to be another and even worse form of the 1918 Spanish Flu.

The CDC believed that to avoid an epidemic, they needed to vaccinate 80% of the people. The politicians jumped on it and when the World Health Organization said it wasn’t going to be another Spanish Flu, the government ignored them.

As a result of the vaccine, about 450 people came down with Guillain-Barre Syndrome, a rare and debilitating neurological disease.

They never did find out why it happened.

Dr. John Anthony Morris who was chief vaccine officer at the Bureau of Biological Standards at the FDA at that time warned his supervisors that the vaccine was dangerous and that the pharmaceutical company made false claims for the vaccine, and that it could cause neurological injuries. His warnings were ignored.

The vaccination program was viewed as a debacle and halted.


If you check the VAERS database, you will find 9,048 deaths related to the vaccine out of 438,440 reports. Those are the cases that are reported. Many aren’t reported because doctors are told the vaccine is safe.

There are 7,463 disabled, 2,200 with myocarditis, and so on. Many of these side effects are harming young people who really don’t need the vaccine.

Yet, we still won’t let critics comment and the mass vaccination program is now a door-to-door government initiative. The government even wants to punish those who do not get vaccinated.


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