Democracy Is a Moving Target


Here we go again. Democracy is flexible and unreliable in the hands of Democrats. It’s a moving target. If they have a good excuse, they are allowed to even approve of allies canceling elections. In the US, instead of canceling the elections, they just put together the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.

Destroy It to Save It

They even cover for dictator Zelensky canceling elections.

“People in Ukraine and around the world can have confidence that the voting process is free, fair, and secure, working with the government and civil society groups to shore up Ukraine’s election infrastructure,” Blinken said. “That way, as soon as Ukrainians agree the conditions allow, all Ukrainians, all Ukrainians, including those displaced by Russia’s aggression, can exercise…”

Knowing the US is helping them secure their elections is not reassuring. These are the people who cancel all voter IDs and loosen up voting restrictions so even people here illegally can vote.

Zelenksy has claimed the constitution bans elections during martial law, but then later admitted he could hold elections. He wanted the West to pay for them and make sure that all the Ukrainians who escaped voted no matter what country they were in. That’s their idea of democracy.

They are saving democracy by abusing it at will when the conditions are right. Democrats are a threat to democracy.

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