A3P, DJT Lawfare: “Democrats Have Really Crossed the Rubicon”


Mike Davis, founder of A3P, told Jesse Watters on his show last evening that “Democrats have really crossed the Rubicon” on the anti-Donald Trump lawfare. He referenced Alvin Bragg as one of Soros’s prosecutors. [This is the ultimate in misuse of the Justice system and Democrats are following Soros into the sewer.]

“He’s clearly a political coward. He’s a George Soros-funded puppet prosecutor, and the Democrats have really crossed the Rubicon here. I don’t know how you come back from this as a country when you are coming up with these bogus, trumped-up charges to go after your political enemies.

This is part of a pattern by the Democrats going back five years, six years since even before Trump was the president. They’ve gone after him constantly. They know these charges are bogus. That’s why Alvin Bragg pushed the prior DA to decline these charges, the Manhattan U.S. Attorney declined these charges, the Federal Election Commission declined these charges.

Now that Alvin Bragg got a million dollars from George Soros who became his political puppet, now they want to bring these charges. This is going to make the limousine liberals in Manhattan very, very happy. But it’s very, very bad for our country,” Davis said.


“I mean, that’s the problem. We’re crossing the Rubicon here. We have a President of the United States, Joe Biden, who is clearly compromised, he is compromised. We have the bank records, subpoenaed bank records, where Joe Biden, and his family, has taken a million dollars from the CCP, and they’re not going to do anything about this. A president who’s compromised by China and Ukraine, but they’re gonna go after a former president and potentially a future president because he settled a nuisance claim with Stormy Daniels back in 2016.

Somehow this is a federal felony under our campaign finance laws…Who’s Alvin Bragg going to bring into this trial? They’re gonna bring in a disbarred, felon of an attorney and a former stripper as their star witnesses here. This is Banana Republic-level stuff. And maybe that’s what today’s Democrats want, these leftists want. They’re trying to destroy our country, and they are well on their way,” added Davis.

“This is Trump derangement in the extreme. Again, this is probably good for Alvin Bragg in Manhattan with his crazy leftists in Manhattan. These limousine liberals will be very happy until they get, you know, when they’re diverting the Manhattan DA’s office to go after Trump on these bogus charges. And they’re not prosecuting people who are raping and murdering and carjacking. Maybe these limousine liberals will get mugged by reality,” Davis continued.

“You certainly can’t trust these George Soros-funded prosecutors. Look at what they’re doing. We have a Garland-appointed Special Counsel Jack Smith going after President Trump for the non-crime of having his presidential records in the office of former President at Mar-A-Lago, which is allowed by the Presidential Records Act.

You have that Fulton County DA, Fani Willis, going after Trump for objecting to a presidential election, which you’re allowed to do under the Electoral Count Act of 1887. Democrats did it in 1969, 2001, 2005, 2017. But now they’re going to get Trump about this, and now they’re going after him for settling a nuisance claim from 2016. This is part of a pattern by the Democrats. They are afraid they can’t beat him in the polls, so they’re going to indict him,” concluded Davis.

Donald Trump’s attorney responded to the “astounding bad moment in the history of this country.”

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10 months ago

Democrats Stole the 2020 Election and know it. So does the Whole World and no one understands why the Congress and the Supreme Court didn’t stop it. We are slowly finding out why. Treason is a nasty business!

Last edited 10 months ago by GuvGeek
Peter B. Prange
Peter B. Prange
10 months ago

Please listen to the full interview with James Trusty.
The title Crossing the Rubicon is interesting and could be take two ways.
The phrase refers to the event of Julius Caesar crossing of the river Rubicon, the border between “Gaul” (a province) and Italy in January 49 BC. 
  His act went against the law which forbade the brining of an army into the area of Rome without Senate authorisation. His action was viewed as an insurrection, as treason, and a declaration of war on the state. Caesar seemed to win, but five years later after he became the dictator he was assassinated, but Rome never returned to the form of democratic rule it had known.
We could understand the title of the article to suggest that Bragg (and by extension the Democrats who tried to unsuccessfully to remove Trump through impeachment) as in effect committing treason by their efforts to unconstitutionally remove a person from the presidency and prevent his opportunity to return to office through a constitutional election. We could also throw in that if the 2020 was indeed fraudulent that, too, was insurrection and treason.
Love or hate Julius Caesar, agree or disagree with his motives and his concepts of justice and leadership, the result was a system that destroyed democracy and led to the eventual destruction of the Roman Empire.
Are we seeing the destruction of the United States of America as a constitutional entity. Will one day the “barbarians” storm through the country like later in history Genghis Kahn stormed Europe and the Dark Ages ensued.
Modern Humanism is a plague, but the founders of the movement wanted to understand why the Great civilizations like Greece and Rome ended and brought on the Dark Ages. Unfortunately they put their faith in the “ultimate goodness” of man, and we have had to learn the sad truth that the nature of mankind is evil from his youth.