Abolish the Police ‘protesters’ mob Starbucks in Seattle


Protesters formed into a loud, chanting mob outside the original Starbucks store at Pike Place Market to protest their loose connection to Seattle Police. They also traveled around to other chains to make their anti-police demands known.

They chanted ‘we aint shopping at Starbucks no more.’ Some carried signs that read, ‘Abolish the Police.’

A Starbucks’ representative explained to Daily Mail what that connection is and it certainly isn’t much, but for these far-left malcontents it’s too much.

The representative said, “In 2019 we provided funding to support the SPD with Implicit Bias training and their 2019 Banquet gala,’ Starbucks said.

“We previously had a partner [employee] on the [SPD] board who is no longer with Starbucks and as of today we have no one representing Starbucks on the Seattle Police Foundation Board.”

That’s it.

Starbucks has had a number of offended people. One Muslim girl said in May 2018 the barista wrote ‘ISIS’ on her cup. It was a Starbucks in Target, and Starbucks doesn’t have any say over the hiring.

Was it even true? Who knows.

Starbucks is working on eliminating hate speech. That really is ridiculous, but that’s what they’re doing.

You won’t hear about this insanity on the media, but you find out about it in the UK or Australian papers. Even Russia Today has this type of news.

What is wrong with these people? They think we can have peace and security without the police.

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