Abortion Is the Work of the Lord, Pro-Life is of the Devil???


Imagine voting for a political party that runs on killing babies in the womb to the moment of birth and, at times, after birth, for any reason. Also, imagine that same party running on the platform that not supporting abortion is immoral, anti-woman, and the work of the devil.

That is where we are in the United States. You either support the barbaric practice of late-term abortions for any reason or you can’t be a Democrat.

On Saturday, MSNBC’s confused host Tiffany Cross ran a segment unabashedly expressing those views.

On the Cross, she condemned companies that offer to pay for their employees’ travel to states where abortion is legal but also contribute to pro-life politicians.

The reality is that for corporations, the payments are not a moral issue, but rather pay-offs to keep everyone happy. It’s a matter of doing business.

“You can’t dance with the Devil and the Lord at the same time,” Cross said, Newsbusters reported.

In her mind, you’re doing the devil’s work if you don’t support abortion, but on the side of the Lord if you do.

The Lord wants us to kill our unborn babies. It’s heavenly. Who knew? You’re on the side of the devil if you disagree.

“AT&T, Disney, Microsoft, and Amazon are all among those who have publicly pledged to cover their employees’ travel expenses so that they can access abortions uninhibited,” Cross intoned. “But, all four companies have also donated to supporters of state abortion bans, the very laws that will make such travel necessary.”

Democrats won’t compromise. They have a take-no-prisoners approach to everything. It’s their way and only their way.

Alexandria O-Cortez has suggested that Democrats vote pro-life Democrats out of the party.

These people are confused. Watch:

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