Leak: Leftist DA Fani Willis Prepares RICO Charges Against DJT


As Soros-funded DA Alvin Bragg seeks to indict Donald J. Trump for a misdemeanor he may or may not have committed years ago, another corrupt DA, Fani Willis, allegedly seeks to bring racketeering and conspiracy charges against Donald Trump.  She is treating him as if he were Mafia or a cartel kingpin. This is our most significant threat to democracy outside of the invasion of our border. It is the ultimate destruction of any equitable treatment under the law.

As Mike Davis reported, the indictments in Georgia and Manhattan appear imminent.

This is over the ridiculous exaggerations of a phone call with Brad Raffensperger, the Georgia Secretary of State.

The Left is looking for a Civil War and is destroying our Justice system before our eyes. This is a political prosecution.

Fani Willis led a dysfunctional investigation of DJT. She had one agenda upon entering office. And that was to indict Donald Trump.

CNN reported:

Atlanta-area prosecutors are considering bringing racketeering and conspiracy charges in connection with Donald Trump’s effort to overturn the 2020 election in Georgia, according to a source with knowledge of the investigation.

Investigators have a large volume of substantial evidence related to a possible conspiracy from inside and outside the state, including recordings of phone calls, emails, text messages, documents, and testimony before a special grand jury.

Their work, the source said, underscores the belief that the push to help Trump was not just a grassroots effort that originated inside the state.

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis could make decisions on charges this spring, the source said. Willis will bring her charging recommendations to the regularly seated grand juries, who each serve two-month terms. Two regular Fulton County grand juries were seated in early March, and the next batch of two are scheduled to be sworn-in early May.

This is an outrageous abuse of power. Forget Donald Trump. Think of what they can do to you if they want. These people are executing Beria-style prosecutions. If it happens to him, it can happen to you.

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