After a Devastating Pandemic, the White House Still Supports Gain-of-Function


The White House endorsed gain-of-function today via spokesperson John Kirby. This is after a pandemic that was likely caused by a lab leak of gain-of-function experiments.

A reporter asked him, “Does the president believe that the reward outweighs the risk when it comes to gain-of-function research?”

A confused Kirby acted like the reporter was speaking a foreign language. He had the reporter repeat the question since he seemed unable to understand it.

He hesitated as he tried to find an answer that wouldn’t get him in trouble.

“It’s important to help prevent future pandemics. […] I think that’s a fancy way of saying yes.”

Fancy? Okay, then.

There was nothing about gain-of-function that merits doing it for research purposes. Millions of people died. Our lives were completely uprooted, businesses destroyed, and he thinks it was worthwhile.

The White House might still be covering for the medical mafia and the dishonest media. Worse yet, Biden might be covering for the CCP.

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