After making the virus a socialist wishlist, Pelosi says Trump delayed aid


The President has delayed nothing. He acted on January 31, the day after the World Health Organization declared the virus a contagion and a public health emergency. The President also formed his task force on February 9.

China lied repeatedly and President Xi lied to WHO directly in January. WHO director Dr. Tedros said on January 14th that the virus was not contagious from human to human. China continues to lie.

During the impeachment, on January 31st, the President restricted China travel to attacks from the Democrat media and some Democrats that President Trump overreacted and was a xenophobe. He was under tremendous pressure and likely was distracted.

However, his actions were in accordance with the varying opinions at the time. He never delayed equipment. The media is still trying to claim he called the virus a hoax when he actually called the politicization of it a hoax.

She Should Be Ashamed

She blames Trump when she was telling people to come to Chinatown on February 24th.


It really shows no concern for the victims of the coronavirus.

  • bail out the post office
  • pay off some portion of college loans
  • $2,000 for every American
  • limit ICE and border patrol
  • publish corporate pay stats by race for all corporate boards
  • permanent paid leave
  • mandate a federal minimum wage of $15
  • rescued companies must abide by the Democrat rules
  • no voter ID and anonymous ballot harvesting
  • require early voting, online registration, vote by mail, and same-day voting (aka voter fraud)
  • provide cash for unions via official time for collective bargaining
  • a full offset of airline emissions
  • climate change study on aviation
  • restricting colleges from providing information about illegal aliens
  • money for Planned Parenthood
  • the publication of greenhouse gas emissions for flights
  • double the endowment for the arts to $300 million
  • Reinstatement of Obamaphones
  • digital dollars
  • Funding for NOAA
  • $100 million for NASA
  • $278 million for IRS
  • On page 127, the Institute for Museum and Library Services is given $500,000,000 “respond to coronavirus” by granting States, museums, territories and tribes “to expand digital network access, purchase tablets and other internet-enabled devices, for operational expenses, and provide technical support”.
  • Earmarked for an ambiguous “Construction and Environmental Compliance and Restoration,” the bill grants $100,000,000 “to prevent, prepare for, and respond to coronavirus” on page 18.
  • $35 million for the Kennedy Center
  • $300M for Migration and  Refugee Assistance
  • Extends immigrant visas and work permits
  • On page 119, Gallaudet University is granted $7,000,000 “to help defray expenses (which may include lost revenue, reimbursement for expenses already incurred, technology costs associated with a transition to distance learning, faculty and staff trainings and payroll)”.
  • Howard University receives $13,000,000 for similar open-ended expenses on page 123. Howard’s endowment fund currently stands at $692,800,000.
  • Blocks denying funds to sanctuary cities 
  • Expands wind and solar tax credits
  • On page 88, the “Ryan White HIV/AIDS program” receives an additional $90,000,000, according to language in the bill.
  • and retirement plans for newspaper employees — nothing like making newspapers even more beholden to Democrat politicians.


The entire Twitter universe is dedicated to blaming the President, just like the mainstream media. AMJoy is trending because she is blaming the President.

Judge Jeanine is trending because she something wasn’t right with her on her show last night. Fox said the problem was technical difficulties since they were taping in her home. The left is using it to stereotype all Trump supporters as ‘drunks.’

‘Little Marco’ is trending because he dared say “the media can’t contain their glee & delight in reporting that the U.S. has more #CoronaVirus cases than #China Beyond being grotesque,its bad journalism We have NO IDEA how many cases China really has but without any doubt its significantly more than why they admit to.” Even though that is objectively true, the blue checkmarks went wild, demonizing Senator Rubio.

Bill de Blasio continually blames President Trump after he did not do his job. They mostly give the mayor and the governor of New York a pass.

New York City Is a Disaster

He Can’t Even Get Them to Shelter

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