Even Jack Tapper calls out de Blasio for his poor handling of the virus


Mayor Bill de Blasio refuses to take responsibility for the extremely slow response to the Wuhan Virus. We are paying the price in New York now.

Mayor Bill de Blasio has been attempting to pin the disaster in New York City on the President despite the fact that he repeatedly ignored the threat and called the President a racist for his response.

De Blasio is very incompetent. Even Jake Tapper called him out. After showing de Blasio clips of him in January, February, and March saying we should all go about our lives, the New York City mayor said, “We should not be focusing, in my view, on anything looking back on any level of government right now.”

So, if he is cornered, we must look ahead, but if it is about the President, attack.

The media, in general, is trying to pin the President with blame. At the same time, they ignore real incompetence by the communist Democrat Bill de Blasio. However, in this rare incident, we have some real journalism.


There is plenty of blame to go around in this wholly-owned Democrat city:

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