After Yelling at Zelensky in the Big Con, Biden to Give Him $50B?


According to NBC News, the White House discusses an additional $50 billion in aid for Ukraine after the midterm elections. Lobbyists want $40B to $60B, to be precise. This comes after Biden allegedly yelled at George Washington Zelensky in June for asking for more money.

We reported this big con for $50 billion already. It’s another Zelensky shakedown. We’re shoveling money to his government workers.

Biden is considering the move, particularly if Democrats lose their majorities in the House and Senate. NBC cited “officials familiar with the discussions.” The number is expected to be around $50 billion.

If House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Congressional Democrats lose power in the midterm elections, Ukrainian aid would be one of their final priorities before the power switch in January.

The report also notes that Biden “lost his temper” in June during a call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, aka George Washington Zelensky, as he kept asking for more money, even as Biden had just announced another $1 billion in aid.

So, instead of a billion, he’ll give $50 billion? He’s an easy mark for a con with US tax dollars.

That story is likely another fabrication. He might have yelled, no, not $1 billion, $50 billion! Or, maybe it was a dementia moment.

Republicans and some Democrats are showing more resistance to the flood of aid dollars and equipment flowing to Ukraine.

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