Scandal! EU bought 10 Doses of COVID Vaccines for Every Person


Dr. John Campbell delved into two hot political vaccine stories on his channel. He first reviewed the growing scandal in the EU over the purchase of very large doses of the COVID vaccine. He also reviewed concerns about the new doctor silencing bill in California.


The European Union appeared to order ten times the needed vaccines, with Pfizer getting the most orders. They spent 71 billion Euros, an enormous amount of money. This is under investigation. Dr. John Campbell discusses it in the clip below.

Some reports say it’s nine doses. Either way, it’s quite scandalous. Canada allegedly did the same thing despite the shelf life of 150 days.

The EU is pushing the vaccine for children under five years.

Why did the European Union order 4.5 billion doses of the COVID-19 vaccine for only 450 million citizens? The EU said it’s actually 4.6 billion doses.

European Parliament member Mislav Kolakusic posed that question and others on Twitter and called it the “biggest corruption scandal in the history of mankind.”

“Imagine — 4.5 billion doses for 450 million people,” Kolakusic reiterated, pointing out that that figure excludes Great Britain.

“Based on that calculation, each child, newly born, should receive 10 doses of something that no one in the world, except maybe two or three people, knows what it contains,” he said.

“This is about secrets — protected patents,” Kolakusic added.

Watch his clip after Dr. Campbell’s.


Dr. Campbell discussed the California bill, which silenced doctors who disagreed with the government narrative. The bill said doctors cannot spread misinformation. That is true already. The AMA says that disinformation, deliberately disseminated maliciously, is contrary to the standards of care. That is also true.

The problem comes in here – who decides what truth is? it takes out individual medical opinions, and Dr. Campbell warns this is “ominous.”

It applies to a doctor discussing it with a patient. That is a problem – the possibility of punishment.


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1 year ago

The Medical Industrial Complex has become as powerful as the Military Industrial Complex.

Peter B. Prange
Peter B. Prange
1 year ago

Today is considered old fashioned to speak in Biblical terms of the sinful nature of man, the absolute corruption of God’s perfect creation of humans through sin.
But how else can one explain the insanity?
If the doses were ordered for later manufacture and delivery over a 5 or ten year period then a 1250 day expiration date is a non-issue. If the doses for future delivery were guaranteed to be updated according the rapid change in the virus it would make sense if we forget the fleeting nature of flu pandemics.
But wouldn’t we consider it madness if a person, living alone on an island, ordered 10 new cars that could only be used on the island?
Hard working people will eventually rebel as the fruits of their labor are stolen and recklessly used to benefits those who will not work hard.