Al Franken Compares America to 1933 Nazi Germany


Former Senator Al Franken (D-MN) believes the current state of U.S. democracy feels like 1933 Germany. He’s basically calling America, Nazi Germany.

He believes if the Freedom to Vote Act and John Lewis Voting Act aren’t passed, we’re Nazis. Both bills corrupt the vote.

“This is a serious one,” Franken said about the voting rights bill on the latest edition of The Al Franken Podcast. “I think other people are feeling it. It feels like — 1933, 34 Germany.”

“I’m just like — a tavern and look over at the other table and there are guys in black jackboots and Nazi uniforms. And I’m going like, ‘Hmm, this looks bad.’ I wonder how bad it can get.”

The former senator then jokingly brought up his religious status. “Well, at least I’m not Jewish. Oh wait, wait I am.”

The only authoritarianism comes from the Left. All of it comes from the Left.

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