America Last Biden removes sanctions from CCP data collection Apps


Biden removed sanctions from CCP spy apps with an executive order. It is quite remarkable since former SOS Mike Pompeo explained China’s communist party is using the apps to collect detailed information on Americans.

“President Biden revoked and replaced three E.O.s that aimed to prohibit transactions with TikTok, WeChat, and eight other communications and financial technology software applications,” the White House said in a statement, noting that two of the orders are “subject to litigation.”

“In their place, this E.O. directs the use of a criteria-based decision framework and rigorous, evidence-based analysis to address the risks posed by ICTS transactions involving software applications that are designed, developed, manufactured, or supplied by persons that are owned or controlled by, or subject to the jurisdiction of a foreign adversary, including the People’s Republic of China, that may present an undue or unacceptable risk to the national security of the United States and the American people,” the statement from the White House continued.

The news was first reported by the New York Times.

China, the country that gave us coronavirus, congratulated Biden for doing so.

The executive order directs the Commerce Department to undertake what officials describe as an “evidence-based” analysis of transactions involving apps that are manufactured or supplied or controlled by China. Officials are particularly concerned about apps that collect users’ persona data or have connections to the Chinese military or intelligence activities.

That’s BS. We already have the evidence.

Earlier today, Biden discussed exempting the CCP from the new global minimum tax. Everything Biden does helps the CCP. Joe Biden is Xi’s president.

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