Andy Biggs: Juneteenth was weaponized to divide Americans


Juneteenth is Emancipation Day, not Independence Day. Despite that, Democrats are calling it Independence Day or Freedom Day to divide Americans and compete with Independence Day.

Andy Biggs said it was weaponized by Democrats as is everything Democrats do.

This goes along with the lie that the country was founded on slavery in 1619. The country was founded in 1776 and no one in the colonies enslaved anyone in 1619.

Every year, black people will be reminded they were enslaved and that Independence Day isn’t July 4th.

Democrats want to guarantee that black people remain on their plantations in perpetuity.



  1. Texas is being assaulted by the Quisling President from Vilchy DC. the was has already begun at home and abroad.

  2. How about a perpetual federal holiday and everyone goes home to collect their pensions while no one is at the helm and the ship drifts aimlessly in dangerous waters?
    Oh…we already have that

    • If you think the democrats are not controlling the path of Bidet, you are sadly mistaken. They have been planning the biden overthrow for 5 years….they know what they want and know how to get it….conservatives are on their heels trying to understand that they are going to the concentration camps.

  3. “Juneteenth” is only the day the last holdouts of the Confederacy in Texas were conquered – and their slaves informed of the Emancipation Proclamation. This is not a celebration of the end of slavery in the US. The Emancipation Proclamation only freed slaves “In the areas under rebellion”. It did not free slaves in the slave-holding border States (Delaware, Maryland, Kentucky, Missouri), nor in areas of the Confederacy that were under Union control at the time of the Proclamation – which included most of Tennessee, a portion of Virginia, New Orleans and a good part of Louisiana, for roughly 800,000 slaves not freed.

    These slaves were not freed until the 13th Amendment was ratified, which happened on December 6th, 1865. So if a holiday is needed to recognize the end of slavery in the US, is should be Dec 6th, not June 19th.

  4. If you weren’t afraid of where America is headed, you should be now. The history books are being reprinted right now to show “Independence Day” to be June 19 (or whatever random date they pick), not July 4.
    America is headed on a collision course with a self made atomic bomb unless the BS from Washington is stopped.

  5. I think that this Holiday is a Great Idea. Every Republican should rejoice in the fact that we got all the Democrats to come over to the side of the Great Emancipator, President Lincoln!

  6. Junteenth was only possible because of the white conservatives, it is a celebration of the white conservative agenda….which is dying at a rapid rate…..socialism is coming people.

  7. Wow… Blacks get to be reminded they were slaves over 150 years ago, and now every year going forward… why would they want this… I think it’s pathetic.

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