Julie Kelly believes 1-6 was an inside job by Democrats


Julie Kelly, an editor at American Greatness, has closely followed the court filings and court appearances of the rioters of January 6th. Ms. Kelly believes January 6th was an inside job planned by Democrats.

She wrote on Twitter on the 16th that “Believing January 6 was an inside job perpetrated by Democrats and Trump’s fiercest enemies in the government isn’t a conspiracy theory. Believing it was an armed, deadly insurrection incited by Donald Trump and executed by white supremacists is the conspiracy theory.”

Could she be correct?

Kelly agrees with the revelations at Revolver News that the FBI planned and executed, at least in part, the January 6th riot.

She also made note of the fact that Biden lied once again yesterday by claiming two rioters killed Officer Sicknick. None of the activists, pretending to be reporters, called him out for the lie. Right away, you know you can’t get the truth from the administration or the so-called media.

The men who were falsely accused of spraying Officer Sicknick with bear spray are still in prison without bail.

In an article in May, Ms. Kelly describes the two-tiered justice system concerning the two accused men:

On August 26, 2020, Kevin Phomma was arrested in Portland for assaulting several police officers with bear spray during that city’s nonstop siege by Antifa and Black Lives Matters protesters. Phomma and others surrounded the federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement facility, blocked traffic, and fought with law enforcement.

“Phomma doused several officers with pepper spray while they attempted to arrest him. Once in custody, officers discovered the pepper spray was in fact a powerful bear deterrent pepper spray.”

Phomma, 26, also had a three-inch dagger in a sheath strapped to his left hip. He was charged with a dozen counts ranging from civil disorder—a felony—to unlawful use of mace. He appears to contribute little to society except for his skills as a professional protester.

A few days after his arrest, Phomma was released on bail.

She then compares the situation with that of the falsely accused cop killers.

George Tanios and Julian Khater were arrested in March and accused of “attacking” Sicknick with a chemical spray; the indictment, not coincidentally, was filed just a few weeks after the initial account of Sicknick’s death—the murder-by-fire-extinguisher story—was exposed as a lie.

Desperate to sustain the lie that a police officer was killed by bloodthirsty Trump cultists on January 6, the media and Democrats quickly pivoted to the idea Sicknick died from an allergic reaction to the bear spray. Tanios and Khater, who traveled together to hear Donald Trump’s speech that day, face four charges of using and carrying the “dangerous and deadly weapon” on January 6.

Unlike Kevin Phomma, one charge filed against Tanios and Khater is “assault on a federal officer with a dangerous weapon.” Unlike Phomma and his accomplices, Tanios and Khater also are charged with conspiracy for allegedly pre-planning the assault on a federal officer.

Bear spray was never used on Officer Sicknick who died two days after the riot of natural causes. The only person killed on January 6th was a Trump supporter, Ashli Babbitt, who died at the hands of a Capitol police officer.

One woman OD’d, and two older people died of natural causes. An officer killed himself two weeks after the riot over long-existing emotional problems.

The two men can’t post bail and languish in prison. There is no case against them and no evidence they used bear spray.

George Tanios, 39, is a business owner in Morgantown, West Virginia, and has three children under the age of five. Julian Khater, 32, is a college graduate who worked for the family’s restaurant business until one was forced to shut down last year due to the pandemic.

The Americans who trespassed or rioted on January 6th are being deprived of their constitutional rights:

Reportedly, the January 6th rioters are beaten every time Fox News does a report about them:

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